Kleinfeld Bridal’s 2016 Holiday Windows

December 14, 2016 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Jacques Vigneault, Kleinfeld Bridal’s Creative Director & his team have created the most beautiful 2016 holiday windows for Kleinfeld Bridal! These windows are a destination fro tourists & native New Yorkers alike. We recently caught up with Jacques and had the opportunity to talk to him and hear his inspiration behind these gorgeous windows!

1. Tell Us About the theme, “The Passage of Time” 

I used an elevator as a symbol for a transitions. The elevators are stuck between the 24th & 25th floors, which represents the December 24th and Christmas Day.

In both windows I wanted to illustrate the two different worlds, upstairs and downstairs and how they interchange when you adjust your focus. Outside of the elevators shows a festive atmosphere, however inside the elevators the scenes are quite intense.

 2. Describe What’s Happening in the Right Window Display 

The right window shows an elevator that’s passing the 24th floor, to represent Hanukkah this year. There is a fiddler on the roof, some empty Chinese food containers and a little guy reading some fortune cookies. In New York it’s very common for the Jewish population to eat Chinese take out on Christmas Day since most restaurants are closed on the holiday.

3. What’s happening in the left window? 
The display in the left window has the elevator just passing the 25th floor or Christmas Day. The little guy underneath the elevator is celebrating at work and feasting on the left overs from the hotel service tray.  In this scene the woman is the aggressor and she’s in charge. I believe this is a preview of the year to come.
4. What designer is featured in the windows?

Pnina Tornai’s dresses are featured in the windows and Jimmy Choo shoes — they all represent opulence and glitz. The men are wearing tuxedos designed by Frank Jedda.

5. How long did the windows take to create? How long will the windows be up for? 
The conceptualization took 2 months and the actual creation took 3 weeks. They will be up until January 9th!
Enjoy a few more details!
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5 Tips to Seating Charts During the Holiday Season

December 7, 2016 Kleinfeld Unveiled

It’s officially December, which means holiday parties galore! Add an engagement during the holiday season and this time of year just got *that* much more magical! If it’s your first time hosting a holiday party, you’ll need to know how to handle a seating chart and Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder of AllSeated is here to guide you to a no-stress seating chart this holiday season!

 1. Assign tables not seats, for a laid-back feel

For any event with over 20 attendees and a plated dinner, we recommend having some type of seating arrangement. If you’re striving for a laid-back, casual feel we suggest assigning tables – not seats to guests. This will help guarantee that couples will sit together (even if they arrive late) and will help keep guests at ease.

2. Formal Is Fun Too

If you want your holiday party to feel a bit more formal, we suggest assigning guests to a specific table & seat. AllSeated offers you the perfect tools to make this process easy and pain-free.

Simply enter your guests in the guest list section of your AllSeated account. From here, you’ll be able to select the exact sized tables that you’re using from the furniture library and be able to create the most accurate floor plan & seating chart possible.

Pro tip: With AllSeated, you’ll be able to even view this floor plan in 3D!

3. Think About The Kids

Kids-only tables help children feel special and welcome at any party! When you double the ‘kids table’ as an art station – we guarantee that the kids will be entertained all night. We suggest putting a white paper tablecloth down and suggest filling a few tin cans with crayons. Hand kids a themed placemat, which they could color during dinner and take home at the end of the night! You could also add foam stickers for a 3D element!

4. Make Your Rounds as a Couple

Since you’ll be hosting this holiday party as a couple, make it a point to mingle with each of your guest. If you’re having a formal seating chart, consider moving tables for each course. This way you’ll be able to spend time with all of your guests! We also suggest round tables as they help conversation flow between guests!

5. Mingle Your Families Through Seating

Family dynamics can be complicated at holiday parties, so we suggest blending families throughout the seating chart so they have the opportunity to get to know one another and other guests.

If your wedding day is quickly approaching, it may be nice to have your friends and family meet and get to know each other over the holiday season first.

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10 Emotions You Have During Wedding Dress Alterations

November 29, 2016 Heather Hall

You found THE dress! Now it’s time for alterations because every wedding gown should fit to perfection. This is also your opportunity to make your dress your own! At Kleinfeld, we help our brides throughout the entire wedding gown process and this is what you might expect to feel during your bridal fittings. Yes, we’ve seen it all.

Dress. CHECK.


Let the transformation begin…. 


Are you sure that’s tight enough? 




Make sure I can still dance! 




Wait, can I add POCKETS?! 


How’s my shape? 


Are you sure? 


I’m getting married!


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Essentials Items You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Wedding




Essential Items You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Wedding

November 23, 2016 Heather Hall

Photo: Brian Leahy Photo

You’ve written your to-do list, checked it twice, and stayed as close as possible to your wedding budget (ahem, close enough). But like any well-prepared bride-to-be there’s bound to be a few things that you haven’t thought of. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Here are 10 things you didn’t know you needed:

1. A day-of checklist

Whether you have a wedding planner or coordinator or not, make it easier on yourself to jot down a few notes. You don’t want to leave your bridesmaids gifts behind and you definitely want to remember to pack an extra pair of panties and/or bra. You never know! Think of this as a list of all the final touches that you’ve worked so hard to pull together and then leave the rest to the professionals.

2. Nail polish

Have some spare polish packed for the bridesmaid who didn’t get her nails done, or in case of a chip. Lots can happen between the rehearsal dinner and the morning of the wedding so having a polish on hand that matches your mani is super smart.

3. Steamer

Most likely your gown is steamed and ready to go, but sometimes the veil needs some steaming and heaven forbid the gal pal who walks in with a crazy wrinkled bridesmaids dress. Find a small portable device that can fit easily into your suitcase. You can even take it along with you on the honeymoon! Unpacking in Italy or Greece will make you happy you were prepared.

4. Portable speakers

Not many people think about the music they’re going to listen to while getting ready in the hotel suite until that morning. Think ahead and have your favorite playlist ready to go. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the thoughtfulness and it makes everyone feel more relaxed — especially during the getting-ready photos!

5. Hairspray

Bring extra. You’ll use it. Hairspray can also act as a substitute static guard if the under layers of your dress suddenly start to stick.

6. Getting ready robes

Colorful matching robes make for great gifts to your bridesmaids. Not only are they likely to wear them again, but coordinated outfits for everyone in the bridal suite while you’re getting ready make for much better photos (your photographer will thank you later, trust us!).

7. Beauty bag

Your makeup artist will create a bridal look to last all day, but touch-ups are inevitable. Many makeup artists will give you a small kit with the products they used, but have a backup bag of powder, lipstick, and blotting papers just in case.

8. Snacks

Stock up on snacks and drinks (mimosa, please!) to keep everyone from getting hungry while getting ready during hair and makeup. Muffins, bagels, or fruit are great brunch items that everyone can enjoy.

9. Emergency kit

Think: Band-Aids, Advil, deodorant, bobby pins, a sewing kit, and super glue. These can definitely ruin or save the day, so be prepared for anything! It’s better to have and not need than to be without.

10. Champagne

Enough said — and cheers!

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Veils: What Makes Them Different From Each Other

November 18, 2016 Heather Hall

Veils are the most iconic bridal accessory and have the power to change your whole wedding day look. Not to mention there are so many different types! Below are some of the main veil styles and how to match them to your dress. Which is your favorite? Tell us in a comment below!


Birdcage veils are short veils typically made of netting. They only cover a portion of a bride’s face and fall above the chin. These veils add a vintage vibe, and they pair especially well with short wedding dresses.


Elbow Length

You guessed it: an elbow-length veil falls right around the elbows or just below to the waistline. This kind of veil is flattering with nearly all dress types and is perfect for the bride looking for a fuss-free style.


Shop: Ariel Taub


A fingertip veil falls at or right below the fingertips. It can add drama without the hassle of holding it off the floor. PS we love this satin trim edging!


Shop: Peter Langer | Photo: Christian Oth Studio


Chapel veils fall to the ground or a couple of inches beyond the wedding gown. These veils create a dreamy, romantic feel and can be major statement pieces, especially when they match the dress.


Shop: Christian Siriano


Leaving a train trailing beyond the bridal dress, a cathedral veil is the longest veil style. Looking for drama? A cathedral veil makes for stunning photos!


Shop: Camilla Christine

Juliet Cap

Juliet cap veils are as elegant as they are ethereal. With a nod to the 1920s and 30s, Juliet cap veils come in a variety of lengths and make for dreamy bridal portraits.

View More:

Shop: Justine M Couture


Tha Mantilla veil frames the face in lace and is typically worn 2 inches from the hairline. They come is a variety of widths and lengths and are definitely statement pieces. Don’t forget to match the lace when choosing your veil.


Shop: Cheryl King Couture

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