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Kleinfeld Bridal’s 2016 Holiday Windows

December 14, 2016 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Jacques Vigneault, Kleinfeld Bridal’s Creative Director & his team have created the most beautiful 2016 holiday windows for Kleinfeld Bridal! These windows are a destination fro tourists & native New Yorkers alike. We recently caught up with Jacques and had the opportunity to talk to him and hear his inspiration behind these gorgeous windows!

1. Tell Us About the theme, “The Passage of Time” 

I used an elevator as a symbol for a transitions. The elevators are stuck between the 24th & 25th floors, which represents the December 24th and Christmas Day.

In both windows I wanted to illustrate the two different worlds, upstairs and downstairs and how they interchange when you adjust your focus. Outside of the elevators shows a festive atmosphere, however inside the elevators the scenes are quite intense.

 2. Describe What’s Happening in the Right Window Display 

The right window shows an elevator that’s passing the 24th floor, to represent Hanukkah this year. There is a fiddler on the roof, some empty Chinese food containers and a little guy reading some fortune cookies. In New York it’s very common for the Jewish population to eat Chinese take out on Christmas Day since most restaurants are closed on the holiday.

3. What’s happening in the left window? 
The display in the left window has the elevator just passing the 25th floor or Christmas Day. The little guy underneath the elevator is celebrating at work and feasting on the left overs from the hotel service tray.  In this scene the woman is the aggressor and she’s in charge. I believe this is a preview of the year to come.
4. What designer is featured in the windows?

Pnina Tornai’s dresses are featured in the windows and Jimmy Choo shoes — they all represent opulence and glitz. The men are wearing tuxedos designed by Frank Jedda.

5. How long did the windows take to create? How long will the windows be up for? 
The conceptualization took 2 months and the actual creation took 3 weeks. They will be up until January 9th!
Enjoy a few more details!
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Tony Ward: An Interview With Renowned Exclusive Designer

April 11, 2016 Emily Meussner
Tony Ward Kleinfeld Bridal

It’s our favorite time of year! Bridal Fashion Week is on the way, and we are preparing to see some new and exciting trends on the runway. Tony Ward, an experienced haute couture designer and exclusive Kleinfeld bridal designer, will be showing us his new designs on Monday, April 18th. As an international brand and masterful designer of both couture and bridal fashion, his ideas have influenced trends all around the world. Drawing inspiration from his couture collections, his previous bridal collections feature rich fabrics and intricate shapes. Anxiously awaiting the new collection’s reveal, we were able to ask him a few questions that have been burning on our minds.

Tony Ward Kleinfeld Bridal

KB: Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you end up designing both haute couture and bridal?
TW: I was born in the family Couture Atelier. Growing-up in the effervescent world of fashion, surrounded by the most beautiful silks and gowns gave me a taste for Fashion at a young age. I studied and worked in Paris in very well-known fashion houses, then started my own Couture brand in Lebanon to continue my father’s legacy. The bridal came later, when our Atelier grew and we started ready to wear collections. We had noticed a big demand in the Lebanese bridal market.

KB: Please describe your overall style as a designer. What usually inspires your designs?
TW: My bride is romantic, elegant and sophisticated. I draw my inspiration from contemporary architecture, which helps me envision sculptural forms, create innovative techniques, and play with the boundaries of light and transparency to create elegant, regal, refined silhouettes.

KB: How do you think designing in both spheres has affected the way you design? Do your couture collections influence your bridal collections, or vice versa?
Of course there is a synergy between my collections. It often happened to me to create a beautiful embroidery for a Couture dress only to notice it would be perfect as a Bridal corset! At the end of the day, inspiration is everywhere. You have to trust your instincts and feed your imagination. Designing Bridal gowns has definitely taught me the importance of personal style, and that not every girl can wear every dress.

KB: Do you have a favorite: couture or bridal? If so, why?
Every Couture Collection is a new adventure; we present it in Paris, twice a year. An exciting, wonderful and adrenaline-filled moment. With the Bridal, on the other hand, we do things more calmly as we have one collection per year. I  design a Collection carefully tailored to suit all markets. The best part is you get to imagine so many new Bride’s fairy-tale gowns! Being part of that is truly a privilege.

KB: Out of all your collections, both haute couture and bridal, which has been your favorite to design?
I have a special preference for my first collections, when I first started out. Because of the memories, the fear and the great success it brought me.

KB: Give us a little hint! What can we expect to see from you at bridal market this season?
Capes, overskirts, royal silhouettes and more!

Thank you, Tony! Don’t forget to follow Tony Ward‘s runway show on Monday, April 18th at 6 PM EDT. You can follow the live updates @Kleinfeldbridal on Facebook Live Stream, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat! See more of the designer’s fashion inspiration @tonywardcouture on Instagram!

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Pnina Tornai Tells All

January 26, 2016 Emily Meussner
pnina tornai kleinfeld bridal

We were so lucky to have Pnina Tornai in our salon for a recent Trunk Show! We were able to steal her away for the bridal floor for a few minutes to ask her some questions. She gave us an insider look into her new collection, the importance of shoes, her inspiration and her status as “the designer who created the modern wedding dress.” 

A photo posted by Pnina Tornai (@pninatornai) on

To many, you’re known as the designer who created “the modern wedding dress.”  Where did you come up with the inspiration for this new movement in bridal fashion?
This style of dress came to me in a dream when I first realized that I was meant to design wedding gowns. I vividly saw dresses falling from the sky in my dream, and I saw the beautiful bead work and the corset bodices and recognized that this was something special that nobody had done before. It has evolved into my signature style, and I love to see how the brides react when they see how amazing their bodies look when they try on my dresses.

And, now so many brides are curious to see themselves in your new ‘Wind Upon Water’ bridal collection. Tell us about it!
I named my 2016 Collection “Wind Upon Water” because I was inspired during my trip to Thailand, where the sun hits the ocean in the most beautiful way, creating a brilliant shimmer that would look amazing on a bridal gown. I was also inspired by how the wind creates movement and carves out the mountains.To translate these concepts to my designs, I chose to embroider my dresses with transparent beading and crystal to recreate that subtle shimmer and combined it with beautiful tulle skirts and chiffon to recreate the wispy, organic movement of the wind.

Naturally, that inspiration helped to develop the dramatic, over-the-top bridal look that you are known for. Lots of people think that you have to be a specific kind of bride to wear your dramatic gowns. What do you think?
I believe that this new collection truly has something for every bride, from trendy fringe skirts for the fashion forward bride, full ballgowns for the princess bride, and low backs and plunging necklines for my brides that want to feel like sexy screen sirens on their wedding day. The love I put into this collection is the love I want all of my brides to feel as they walk down the aisle. Where there is water, there is life, and where there is life, there is love. These are some of my favorites from the new collection!

MermaidPnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal
Ball Gown

Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld BRidal


Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal
Sheer Bodice

Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal

Big bling, see-through bodices, curve-hugging shapes–obviously, it’s become a huge hit with thousands of brides. But, we want to know why you love your signature modern, sexy style.
I love this style because I believe that a woman’s figure is the most beautiful form of art in this world! We are all originals and deserve to celebrate our own unique bodies. So often women have doubts about their bodies, and I love to bring out their inner confidence on the most important day of their lives. 

And now, we hear, they can wear stunning bridal stilettos by Pnina Tornai to match!
Absolutely! I was so excited to announce this new line of shoes, and now my brides can feel sexy from head to toe. They are actually professional ballroom dancing shoes equipped with comfort cushions that allow the bride to not only have a beautiful Swarovski embellished heel, but also dance all night comfortably! 

Pnina Tornai Kleinfeld Bridal

Thank you, Pnina! 

For ever more information on Pnina, her new website has it all! Click here to check it out. 

Don’t miss Pnina’s next Trunk Show! Click here to see when she will be in the Kleinfeld salon.

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6 Fun Facts About Pnina Tornai

October 11, 2015 Emily Meussner

Pnina Tornai has been a member of the Kleinfeld family for over 10 years. During her 10 year tenure, Pnina has embodied rebirth in her collections, symbolizing the endless cycle of life, and representing something fresh and new. By using flowing fabrics and her renowned gown construction, she’s made the dreams of thousands of brides come true around the world. Lucky us, we also got to learn a few fun facts about Pnina! Did you know these 6 fun facts about her?

1) Pnina hates bananas. She has to tread carefully around Kleinfeld and her photoshoots during the mornings! She prefers something a little sweeter…


2)Pnina is a shop-o-holic. Shoes are at the top of her list of necessities. Best brands? Pnina Tornai, Zinotti and Loboutin!


3) Pnina came in second place on MasterChef: Celebrity Edition. What got her to the finale? A fabulous risotto dish that she only learned to make by watching a YouTube video a few minutes beforehand!

4)Pnina loves a challenge. If someone tells her the task is impossible, they will have the pleasure of watching her do it.


5) Pnina wears a size 34 shoe. (That’s a size 4 in US sizes!)

6) Sharing is caring. Whenever Pnina buys a new bag, she gives an old one to her friends and family. They’re always too excited when she goes to NYC for a little shopping! 


Follow along with Pnina Tornai’s social media at @PninaTornai! 


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5 Things Brides Need to Know: Dennis Basso Edition

October 7, 2015 Emily Meussner

Lucky us! This week we were able to sit down with Dennis Basso, and ask him for bridal advice. We know: Dennis Basso, the wedding planner… probably not. But, we can dream. So, we stole a little bit of his time, and asked all of our burning questions. We wanted to know what his favorite trends are, and what brides should do to make their wedding day the best day ever. Bonus: Dennis also told us a little bit about his newest collection!

Don’t forget to tune into Dennis Basso’s 2017 collection debuting at Kleinfeld on October 5th at 4pm EST. We’ll be streaming live onto our Facebook page!



Here’s what Dennis Basso, international bridal and ready-to-wear designer icon, had to say…

KB: Any advice for brides when they’re trying to find the right gown for their wedding day?

Says Dennis, “Often brides come to the store with one dress in mind, and leave with a completely different style. It’s most important to trust the bridal consultant and take her suggestions seriously… these ladies know what they’re doing!”

KB: We completely agree! Kleinfeld has over 250 employees that are ready to find every bride her perfect gown!

DB: “Absolutely! Kleinfeld is an establishment that I’ve known since I was a little boy. Many of the women in my family have gone down the aisle in a Kleinfeld wedding dress. So, for me to have my bridal collection exclusively at Kleinfeld, it’s a dream come true! 

KB: That’s amazing–we love you, too! Your gowns are fabulous, and we can’t wait to see your new collection. Anything you want to tell us about it?

DB: “Well, this collection is an interpretation of my ready-to-wear collection, which just showed at New York Fashion Week. It’s glamorous, alluring and sophisticated.”

KB: Of course! There are so many new, fun things happening in bridal. Are there any trends happening that you love? Maybe some that are in your new collection?

DB: “Actually, yes! The trend that’s definitely happening this season is dresses that inspire romance. Light fabrics, like tulle, organza and lace, create this feeling. Another trend is individualizing the wedding gown. Brides are adding their own personal touch to their wedding outfit, whether it be gloves, a veil or a special pair of earrings that members of their family have worn.”

KB: “What a great idea! Accessories are an awesome way to make their bridal outfit completely their own. In your opinion, are there any accessories that are “must-haves” for a bride?

DB: “I think it’s important to accessorize your wedding gown, but I am also a firm believer in letting the gown be the star and not the other accessories. But, if it complements the gown nicely, go for it! A veil is classic.”

KB: “We think so, too! Thank you so much for sitting down with us, Dennis. Is there anything else that you’d like your fans to know about you?”

DB: “I want everyone who wants to wear a Dennis Basso dress to know how committed I am to all my collections, whether it’s my wedding collection, here at Kleinfeld, my couture collection on Madison Avenue and boutiques around the world, or my Dennis by Dennis collection for QVC, I am completely involved in the design process, from beginning to end.”



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