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Veils: What Makes Them Different From Each Other

November 18, 2016 Heather Hall

Veils are the most iconic bridal accessory and have the power to change your whole wedding day look. Not to mention there are so many different types! Below are some of the main veil styles and how to match them to your dress. Which is your favorite? Tell us in a comment below!


Birdcage veils are short veils typically made of netting. They only cover a portion of a bride’s face and fall above the chin. These veils add a vintage vibe, and they pair especially well with short wedding dresses.


Elbow Length

You guessed it: an elbow-length veil falls right around the elbows or just below to the waistline. This kind of veil is flattering with nearly all dress types and is perfect for the bride looking for a fuss-free style.


Shop: Ariel Taub


A fingertip veil falls at or right below the fingertips. It can add drama without the hassle of holding it off the floor. PS we love this satin trim edging!


Shop: Peter Langer | Photo: Christian Oth Studio


Chapel veils fall to the ground or a couple of inches beyond the wedding gown. These veils create a dreamy, romantic feel and can be major statement pieces, especially when they match the dress.


Shop: Christian Siriano


Leaving a train trailing beyond the bridal dress, a cathedral veil is the longest veil style. Looking for drama? A cathedral veil makes for stunning photos!


Shop: Camilla Christine

Juliet Cap

Juliet cap veils are as elegant as they are ethereal. With a nod to the 1920s and 30s, Juliet cap veils come in a variety of lengths and make for dreamy bridal portraits.

View More:

Shop: Justine M Couture


Tha Mantilla veil frames the face in lace and is typically worn 2 inches from the hairline. They come is a variety of widths and lengths and are definitely statement pieces. Don’t forget to match the lace when choosing your veil.


Shop: Cheryl King Couture

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What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About Your Wedding Style

November 13, 2016 Heather Hall

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Disney movies of all time and how they relate to your wedding style. Want to take a page out of one of these time tested animated films? Be our guest!

Beauty & The Beast


You love books and the New York Public Library is your ideal wedding venue. Channel your inner Belle by incorporating design details, like teacup center pieces, rose arrangements, and candelabras and choose a wedding dress with a full skirt and floral embellishments. Consider a half-up hair style with small pin, which you can shop in our Accessories Department, and create your very own tale as old as time.

Dress by Tony Ward Couture



In your mind it’s not a wedding without a romantic carriage ride, but you don’t need a fairy godmother to pull this one off. Think: pretty pastels, glass slippers (ahem heels), add a cascading ballgown and you’ve got — bibbity bobby boo — your dream wedding! Let’s just hope you can make it past midnight after all the dancing.

Dress by Christian Siriano

Snow White


Your Pinterest board is full of whimsical wedding ideas, such as floral crowns, flower walls, and branch center pieces. Plus, having your pet at your wedding is a must. Look for a gown that has the same down to earth feel, but is elegant and regal at the same time. Try a high low hem to show off a bright pair of red shoes! Mix in some apple-inspired desserts or favors and your guests will be as happy — not grumpy — as happily ever after.

Dress by Anne Barge

The Little Mermaid


You want everyone to feel part of your world, so beachy details are a must. From seashell decor, sea-inspired bites, and romantic rowboats your guests will love such an attention to details (er, dinglehoppers?). Consider showing off your curves in a fitted mermaid gown with touches of blush ombre and he won’t be able to wait to kiss the girl.

Dress by Mark Zunino

Sleeping Beauty


You’re a romantic at heart with down to earth style. Your ethereal taste will prove flawless with lots of greenery and touches of floral buds on everything from the cake to your hair. Dainty pastels and an bohemian-dressed alter bring it all to life. Choose an illusion lace ballgown and top off your accessories with a petite crown for the ceremony.

Dress by LOVE by Pnina Tornai



You want your wedding to feel like a whole new world, so think bright of pops of color and chic wedding details, including luxe carpeting, intricate beading, and elaborate draping. Great music for dinner and dancing, plus a pair of sparkly flats will go perfectly with your fitted lace gown. Accessory tip: Jewel tones and a statement necklace will show off your décolletage!

Dress by Dennis Basso

The Lion King


An African safari is your #1 honeymoon destination and desert details, like succulents and animal-inspired decor will enchant your guests like nothing they’ve ever seen before. They’ll definitely feel the love. Channel your inner lioness with a body-hugging long sleeve lace gown and embrace the circle of life with your closest friends and family.

Dress by Lazaro



Letting it go means allowing your family to help with last minute wedding details and being okay to enjoy the day. You’ll ‘wow’ your guests with ice sculptures and frozen specialty cocktails, while twirling on the dance floor in your beautifully beaded ballgown. Whether it’s a summer or winter wedding make a statement by choosing a gown with a hint of shimmer and pop of color!

Dress by Hayley Paige

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5 Rules for Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

November 2, 2016 Heather Hall

Photo: Mary Neumann Photography

You found the gown. Check. Now it’s time to choose your accessories. Adding the right finishing touches to your dress can create a whole new look or help to further define your wedding day style. Whether you’ve already got an uber embellished gown or it’s sleek and simple, here are a few ways to help pick the perfect pairs:

Decide: To veil or not to veil

It’s true! There’s no bridal handbook that states you have to wear a veil, although nothing personifies a bride-to-be more than this airy accessory. Stick to the traditional styling of including a veil and/or go with a headpiece (shop both in our Accessories Department!), but be sure to match the color of your veil to the exact shade your dress. An ivory veil might look worn against a bright white gown and vice versa. If your dress has lots of detail, like a beautiful back that you don’t want to cover up, then choose a sheer veil rather than one that is layered and may steal the spotlight. Lastly, when it comes to the length of your veil: 1.) keep in mind that a floor-length or cathedral style veil works well with petite types because it elongates the body, 2.) mid-length styles, like fingertip or elbow-length veils, balance a tall frame, and 3.) shorter veils that frame the face, like a birdcage veil, work for all shapes and sizes, plus they add a vintage vibe or unique retro flare.

Match your jewelry to your dress

Did you know? Certain metals work better with various shades of white and ivory. Gold accessories can highlight an ivory hue while silver or platinum accents compliment a bright white dress. If your wedding gown has beading already on it, then let that set the tone for the accessories you choose. Pick a necklace, bracelet, or earrings with the same metal base — be it silver, rose, or yellow gold. Remember: Less is more when it comes to jewelry, but don’t be afraid to have fun!

Think about your neckline

Be mindful of your wedding dress neckline when thinking of highlighting key areas, like your décolletage. Let’s say you’re wearing a strapless gown or sweetheart neckline: trade the necklace for a pair of elegant earrings. This keeps the focal point on the dress and helps frame your face. Want more? Add some silk flowers to your hair for a more fresh feel, or some vintage pins and finish with an art-deco-style bracelet to complete the look. You can even add a pop of color. If you’ve got a V-neck dress, definitely decorate your décolletage. A simple pendant or locket is an elegant way to accessorize, maybe incorporate a family heirloom or pearls, or go for a statement piece, like a crystal choker or bib necklace with matching earrings. For a halter style dress, don’t worry about the accessorizing the neckline. A romantic updo hairstyle with hair accessories will do the trick. Add some sparkle with a floral-inspired headband or crown, or try some crystal pins to pull back some of your locks and show off your shoulders (ahem, and gown).

Keep the shoes comfy

While we love a fabulous pair of shoes (shop them here!), don’t forget that your wedding day is going to be a busy one and dealing with angry feet should be the least of your worries. Don’t let a pair of perfect stilettos ruin your first dance! If you’re used to high heels, then find a pair that feels right for you, and if you’re not — go with some sleek flats, wedges or sandals. You could always get both and change shoes for the reception. Add a pop of color, or a “something blue,” by choosing a brightly colored pair, or think back to your metals and other accessories to match a more traditional gold or silver pump or flat.

Consider a cover-up

A must-have accessory if you’re getting married during the colder months or will be in a church setting that requires covered shoulders, a cover-up can come in many forms. From boleros to capes, fur stoles to wraps, it depends on the dress for finding the right fit. You may want to spice up a simple gown by adding a delicately beaded caplet or other embellished bolero — choose something that suits your style. Otherwise, pick a long sleeved lace topper, jacket or sleek chiffon shawl to balance an already ornate wedding dress and avoid competition between pieces.

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10 Emotions Brides Go Through While Trying On Dresses (In Gifs!)

October 21, 2016 Heather Hall

It’s not every day that a girl gets to go wedding dress shopping. But it’s no simple task! There are a wave emotions that we see when a bride walks through our doors to find her dream gown. Think you know what they are? Scroll down to find out!

1. When you can’t sleep the night before trying on wedding dresses


2. When you walk into Kleinfeld for the very first time!


3. Having all your closest friends and family with you during this special event


4. The look you give your consultant when trying on the first dress


5. Deciding between a fitted mermaid style or princess gown


6. When there’s too many people telling you their opinions


7. After you’ve tried on your 10th ballgown… 


8. When you think you’ve just about had enough 


9. That moment you found THE ONE!


10. And you can’t wait to walk down the aisle 

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Say Yes to the Pantsuit: 6 Unique Wedding Looks

June 22, 2016 Emily Meussner

You’re totally unique. Instead of imagining your Cinderella wedding, your perfect beach ceremony, your fairy-tale celebration in a vintage barn, you are picturing something wildly different. You define yourself and your style as fierce and utterly unique. So, why should your wedding look be any different? These Kleinfeld styles say “good-bye” to basic brides, ball gowns and played out traditions, and say “hello” to something much more modern. Tell us which looks are your favorite @KleinfeldBridal on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!


1. Mark Zunino

mark zunino kleinfeld bridal

Nude strapless jumpsuit? Please and thank you, Mark Zunino.

2. Eugenia Couture

Eugenia Couture Kleinfeld Bridal

Look chic, comfortable and casual in this two piece textured crop and palazzo pants look by Eugenia Couture.

3. Pnina Tornai

Pnina Tornai

Take a little inspiration from cultures around the world, and try this sheer kaftan paired with stunning jewel headpiece by Pnina Tornai

4. Dennis Basso

dennis basso kleinfeld bridal

Who said everything needs to be white? This all-sheer tulle mermaid by Dennis Basso is everything.

5. Christian Siriano

christian siriano kleinfeld bridal

Collar? Check. Cape? Check. Art deco-inspired pantsuit? Check! Try this look from Christian Siriano.

6. Tony Ward

Tony Ward Kleinfeld Bridal

Make a small nod to tradition. And, then tear it down with this sheer dress and tulle overskirt by Tony Ward.


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