Window Shopping…Sneak Peek!

April 6, 2009 Kleinfeld Unveiled

It’s time for our new windows at Kleinfeld and I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the makings of these FABULOUS creations!

Jacques Vigneault is our store’s creative visual director, and is an absolute genius when it comes to creating magical and inspiring windows that stop onlookers in their tracks as they stroll by Kleinfeld. Excited tourists and brides regularly take photos in front of his fantastic window displays.

So here is a sneak peek at Jacques assistant, Carlos, working on the newest installment.

Spring has sprung in the Visual Department work room as Jacques and Carlos re-cover an antique love seat in a festive floral fabric.

Janna, who models dresses for Kleinfeld, is also pitching in. Now that’s what I call having multiple careers! She’s working on creating giant colorful flowers from paper and felt.

It’s starting to look like a tropical rainforest in our visual department!

So keep your eyes open when you’re strolling down 20th street to see Jacques’ latest masterpiece!



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