Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

February 9, 2011 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Hi Girls! Do you need a last minute Valentine's Day gift for him? We have a great selection of accessories in our Kleinfeld Manhattan Men's Department, I teamed up with Frank Jedda (Our Menswear Expert) to pick our faves for your guy. 

Here's what we picked … 

For the Sports Lover

Kleinfeld Men Catchers Mit

Sterling Silver Catchers Mit Cufflinks at Kleinfeld Men




Kleinfeld Men Baseball

Is he a Yankees or Mets Fan!? Get him these great baseball Cufflinks in Sterling Silver at Kleinfeld Men $195


 Kleinfeld Men Basketball

Does your guy  love to play pick up games at the park? Or is he more likely to be glued to the TV during March Madness? Get him these great Sterling Silver and Enamel Basketball Cuffinks! $195


Kleinfeld Men Golf


Does he love to take weekend golf trips? Get him these so he can impress his buddies with awesome cufflink next time they're putting on the greens. Sterling Silver and Enamel Golf Clubs & Bag Cufflinks $195 


Is he a Tie Guy?

Kleinfeld Men Rose Tie

Kleinfeld Roses Silk Tie $97 at Kleinfeld Men


Kleinfeld Men Paisley

Paisley Print Silk Tie $97 at Kleinfeld Men


Kleinfeld Men Polka Dot Ties

How about a Dotted Tie? We have a great selection in loads of colors.

Pale Yellow with Blue Dots, Orange with Navy Dots, Blue with White Dots, Pink with White Dots.

All $97


Even more gift options!!!

These cufflinks are all Made in England and are made from Bone China. All available at Kleinfeld Men

Kleinfeld Men Doctor

"Trust Me I'm a Doctor" Cufflinks $65

Bartender Cufflinks

"Shaken Not Stirred" Cufflinks $65

Kleinfeld Men - Love, The Dog

"Love from the Dog!" $65

"Guilty/Not Guilty" $65



Kleinfeld Men - Father of the Groom

Something for his dad? "Father of the Groom" Cufflinks $65

Kleinfeld Men - Father of the Bride

And last but not least something for Your Dad! "Father of The Bride" Cufflinks $65



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