Valentine’s Day Getaways

February 10, 2011 Kleinfeld Unveiled


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is so much buzz about the best gift to give your Valentine. My suggestion? The gift of travel! There is nothing like getting away to bring you closer together. Experiencing new, romantic environments and enjoying intimate settings is the best way to set the stage for an unbeatable and unforgettable Valentine’s Day!


If you are still looking for that dynamic Valentine’s Day gift, I have a few last minute suggestions that I would love to help you arrange!


The first is a quick escape to the beautifully warm Miami Beach, Florida. Here, our good friends at Acqualina Resort & Spa on the Beach have been creating outstanding luxury Valentine’s Day (and Honeymoon!) memories. Imagine celebrating this year with a stunning private beach dinner….

Beach Dinner


After a nice day of lounging by the gorgeous pool…….



And topping it all off with a relaxing couple’s massage….



My second suggestion would be to surprise your Valentine with a quick getaway to one of our nation’s most luxurious and exclusive cities, Beverly Hills. Think back to the true timelessness of the elite old Hollywood. Montage Beverly Hills brings back that elegance and makes for the perfect romantic retreat after strolling the glamorous, posh Rodeo Drive. When you arrive, they will spoil you and your Valentine with champagne and homemade chocolate to be sure your getaway starts off right! 



Top off your Beverly Hills “Mini-Moon” by enjoying the breathtaking evening views of the twinkling Hollywood Hills while you and your sweetheart indulge in a delicious four-course dinner menu with champagne or wine.



I would love to make a great “Mini-Moon” a reality for you and your Valentine! Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and to get started planning at  or directly at 212-592-1376. All deals and packages are good through the month of February so please feel free to call us after the weekend also!   


Are you already traveling for a Valentine’s Day getaway? Tell us all about it! 







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