Top 5 Tips for Save the Date Cards

January 29, 2014 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Does everyone send wedding save-the-dates nowadays? Which guests should receive one, and when is the best time to send them? With your wedding still many months away, how do you settle on a design before you’ve found your wedding invitations?

We answer these and other burning questions below in this post!

1. Are wedding save-the-dates really optional?

Sending save-the-date cards remains optional, but as weddings become multi-event occasions and require longer-term planning all around, more couples are budgeting for them. Here are some of the most practical reasons:

  • Help long-distance guests make work, childcare, and travel arrangements in advance.
  • Holds the date during busy travel seasons or popular destinations.
  • Announces your engagement to those who haven’t already heard (just be sure to invite them also!)

The other reason to plan for save-the-date cards has to do with style. Sending a save-the-date is the mark of a gracious and considerate host, and provides a glimpse of the type of wedding your guests can expect.

2. When should I send my save-the-dates?

Most wedding planning experts agree that six months before your wedding date is the best time to send save-the-dates. For destination weddings, it’s longer, up to eight months or even a year before the wedding. This means that once you’ve settled on a date and a location (city at least), you’ll want to start shopping wedding save-the-dates immediately. You could have reason to send them later, but we don’t recommend any later than four months before the wedding, or you might as well send the invitation with all the details!

3. Do I send save-the-dates to my entire guest list?

We know that when you’re in the early stages of planning, your guest list isn’t completely buttoned-up. So here are the most important guests who should receive a save-the-date card:

  • Wedding party
  • Closest relatives
  • Guests playing other roles in your wedding
  • Anyone else who you definitely want to come
Quick Check: While not every guest needs to receive a save-the-date card, every guest who does receive one must also receive a wedding invitation!

4. What information goes on my save-the-date cards?

Save the dates need only 3 types of information, with different options for style:

  1. Your names
    You can use either your full proper names for more formality, or first names only for a more casual or modern style.
  2. Your wedding date
    You can spell out the date entirely without abbreviation, like a formal wedding invitation, or use your numerical date in an interesting typography.
  3. The location
    City and state are all that are required, but venue is recommended for destination weddings.

5. Do my save-the-dates have to match my wedding invitations?

Save-the-date cards do not have to “match” your wedding invitations. In fact, save-the-dates are a great way to experiment a little with your wedding style if you are still figuring out wedding day colors or theme and style. A good choice is a personalized photo wedding-save-the-date card from any of Kleinfeld Paper’s popular wedding invitation suites. The photo is the main attraction on this style card, so except for choosing a type style that you love, other design elements don’t matter as much.

Wedding Save-the-Dates Can Inspire

The choice is ultimately yours to send wedding save-the-dates, but they get people excited about your wedding day. For more on save-the-date trends, visit Kleinfeld Paper on our Save-the-Date board on Pinterest.



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