Something Thoughtful to Welcome Guests

December 5, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled

While it is YOUR DAY, it's important to consider your traveling guests, whether it's a destination wedding, or they're coming from out-of-town. Arriving to their room to see a welcome package from the soon-to-be bride and groom is a great way to start your festivities.


welcome package

  1. Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks: Not only will we dress you for your big day, but we also offer a FREE service that takes the pain out of booking hotel rooms for yourself and your guests. Hotel Blocks will negotiate contract with the hotel directly, ensuring you get the best rates possible. With extra amentities for you, the couple, and your wedding guests. Did we mention it's FREE?
  2. The vessel: You can choose a personalized tote, or a box to place in each persons room. It's important to work out all your welcome items first, so that everything fits in!
  3. The schedule: Keep guests in the loop with the full wedding schedule, including pre-wedding days and the day of. AND…if you use Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks, they will arrange the post-wedding brunch at your hotel.
  4. Keep them hydrated: Alcohol is the beverage of choice to toast with. However, after traveling, H20 might be a better option. Or both?
  5. The sugar-rush: Nothing beats a hit of sugar after a flight or road trip. These can be your favorite candy, in color theme of your big day, or a specialty of the wedding location.

All the best for your wedding day xoxo.



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