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August 20, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled


From elegant jade to neutral camouflage, few other colors are as versatile as the many shades of green. In 2013, green has gone superstar — Emerald is the “color of the year” according to Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color. Described as a “lively, radiant and lush green,” emerald balances refined sophistication with the natural world.

Green wedding invitations appeal to many different wedding styles. Dress it up; dress it down. Pair it with bolds; blend it with neutrals. Enjoy the beautiful shades of green in this hand-picked selection of wedding invitations, and visit us on Pinterest for more Green! inspiration:

A Traditional Classic


‘Victorian Scroll’ with green accent border by tumbalina for Kleinfeld Paper

Deep shades of green signal tradition, balance and prosperity. Green is a gorgeous accent color for any classical wedding invitation, like ‘Victorian Scroll’ featured above.


Modern Whimsy


‘Honey Sweet’ in soft green by Heather Ruggles for Kleinfeld Paper

Bright yellow-greens profess something lively and trendy, like the green honeycomb pattern in Honey Sweet. In Rolling Waves below, a lime-turquoise combination gives this wedding invitation design an energetic and whimsical look:


‘Rolling Waves’ by Lauren DiColli Hooke for Kleinfeld Paper



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