Royal Wedding Week: Randy’s Pick for Kate’s Dress

January 19, 2011 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Kate & William

The reality is that Kate Middleton will most likely have her gown custom made.  Kate is gorgeous, model height, has great fashion sense, and has been listed on everyone’s best dressed list. With the pressure of doing such a high profile wedding, most designers would want to design something so dramatic and over-the-top, and so special that it would only result in too much ornamentation and take away from her own natural beauty.  In my opinion, the way to make a big statement is to go understated.


I think a gown similar to this Amsale would fit perfectly for Kate because it’s timeless, classic, and very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly (two of the ultimate fashion icons).  My favorite element is the fabric: Silk Taffeta, just like Princess Diana’s and a perfect way for this modern princess to add a touch of nostalgia for the late Princess Di’s royal wedding gown.

Princess Diana

Now, let’s take this beautiful gown and make it fit for a princess!

First, being a royal wedding with a typical long aisle, I would extend the train to make the gown grander, but make it detachable so she can glide around her reception with ease.


Second, I would replace the broach with a borrowed family heirloom to make it more special, perhaps even something with sapphires or blue stones to act as her something blue and borrowed!


Third, for a veil, I suggest going simple because she’s going to have a tiara or crown—she’s marrying a prince after all, I’m sure there’s a diamond tiara she can borrow from someone in that family!  And as a side note for all of you non-royal brides, tiaras are definitely coming back into vogue (see Nicole Vega’s latest blog)!

Finally, it is likely that Princess Kate will need to cover up a bit for the ceremony.  In the case of this gown, I think building-up the top of the gown to cover her shoulders and arms would only take away from the very element that makes this gown so stunning: its simplicity.  Instead, I would recommend a removable shrug to be worn at the ceremony, but able to be taken off for the reception.  A ¾ sleeve lace peek-a-boo would be spectacular!

The real point here is that the dress should not overpower her beauty.  That is a rule I recommend to all brides: you are beautiful, so make sure you’re wearing the dress and not the other way around!

*This Amsale dress, along with other Say Yes to the Dress cast members' picks for Kate's dress will be on display at an event here at Kleinfeld tonight.  Check back for coverage of the event and to see the other cast members' picks!

Amsale Trunk Show at Kleinfeld: March 18th – 20th.



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