Royal Honeymoons – Part II

April 26, 2011 Kleinfeld Unveiled


Day two of Royal Honeymoons and today we're featuring A Royal Safari!

Are you like the many who have been inspired by the Royal Couple’s romantic story of Prince William’s proposal in enchanting Kenya? If so, do I have some ideas for you!


You too can enjoy Kenya in a regal way! Besides enjoying the amazing private game drives, we can arrange amazing “Royal Experiences” for you and yours with Micato Safaris. 

Lion Cubs


I can help you create and enjoy amazing experiences like private dinners in the breathtaking African scenery … 

Safari Dinner



And my personal favorite … a night of luxuriously sleeping under the stars! This experience is thrillingly unique! Imagine your handcrafted raised platform, partially covered with a thatched roof, perfectly placed for complete seclusion – your own private Africa.



When the two of you are ready to retire, your four-poster bed will be wheeled onto the open deck and swathed in sheer netting. Lie down, starry eyed, with only the night sky for a ceiling… in true romantic, sultan style. The royal parallels don’t stop there, Prince William is world renowned for his charitable works all across Africa, and now you can take part too. With Micato Safari’s “One for One” experience, every safari experience is matched with a payment for all school fees for an African child in need. What better way to feel wonderful about your travels! 





These experiences can be your reality! Feel free to contact me to discuss any details and specifics at 212-592-1376 or


Anyone already been on a safari or planning one soon? We’d love to hear all about it! And don’t forget to explore our Honeymoon section. 



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