Real Diamonds on Your Wedding Day!

August 24, 2009 Kleinfeld Unveiled

What girl doesn’t want to wear REAL diamonds on the most important day of her life?

Kleinfeld now has an online alliance with ADORN BRIDES. Adorn Brides allows you to rent those real diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to wear on your wedding day. Instead of costume jewelry, imagine walking down the aisle wearing the real thing! I’ve seen their stuff and the difference is definitely the sparkle! NOTHING sparkles like real diamonds!

I simply love Amy Chernoff, VP of Marketing, and Laura Carrington, VP and Chief Stylist, and recently spent time with them in the Cayman Islands at Engage ’09, a bridal symposium for industry leaders.

Laura Carrington

There they told me about their brilliant concept. Why should a bride wear a $10,000.00 bridal gown and wear fake diamonds they asked me.

Imagine wearing earrings that retail for almost $20,000.00 for a small rental fee.

The process I?ve been told is really simple. You log onto their website, browse through their selection, place your order, and they ship it right to you. When the wedding is over, you simply put the jewelry back into the mailer that they provide and mail it back to them.

Why should the celebrities on the Red Carpet be the only ones who get to wear the real stuff? Now you can have that Red Carpet experience walking down the aisle on your wedding day!



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