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October 27, 2009 Kleinfeld Unveiled

When developing a concept for the new Kleinfeld Kollection photo shoot,
our idea for a venue was a clean slate?an empty space full of possibilities. Our inspiration for this came from the hundreds of
brides that come to us every year while preparing for their weddings. With all of the stressful planning that goes into a
wedding?choosing a dress, making the guest list, finding the perfect florist?the real reason for celebration can sometimes
become lost. Most importantly, a wedding is the celebration of the start of a marriage and the beginning of your life
together. A wedding celebrates the clean slate that lies before a couple?a space that holds nothing but the two of them and
infinite possibilities of what they will create together.

And so, we came up with the idea of a theater?just an empty space on its own, but with the potential to be transformed into
whatever the show calls for. I could immediately think of only one theater with the right essence to match our concept. The
Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center is not only beautiful,
has a wonderful story.

Now that you understand the concept, take a look at the journey to make it happen:

We arrived at the theater at 8:30am and immediately got to work. The models went straight to hair and make up and our Kleinfeld team began steaming and preparing the gowns.

We began the shoot with Sophia Moncelli?s collection. Because of the collection?s romantic and dramatic tone, we decided to do loose, sweeping waves in Kayla?s hair pulled into a low bun with soft eye makeup and a punch of color for her lips.

The theater?s beautiful box office was the perfect setting for the Sophia Moncelli gowns. The enormous windows of the double French doors drench the room with sunlight that bounces off of wide mirrors to showcase the rich color of the wood and intricate molding. The result is the perfect harmony of soft and romantic yet dramatic and striking.

Of course the setting isn?t the only factor, so our crew was hard at work to make each dress and each photo look its best.

And the result was exactly what we?d hoped for!

Next, we shot the Alita Graham collection on the beautiful single-theater movie house?s stage. The stage provides the perfect metaphor for the blank canvas of the couple?s marriage that together they can build upon and create their life together.

And as a special surprise for all of you, Ronnie was our model for the collection!

Just Kidding! Our model, Sara, represents the Alita Graham tone well with sophistication and elegance.

It takes a great team behind every great picture. Here is our photographer, Ron Contarsy and his team directing the shoot along with Jacques, our Visual Director, and Ronnie.

Here is one of several of the stunning Alita Graham ad photographs:

Our final collection to be shot was Perla D by Pnina Tornai. To match the sexy tone of the Perla D line, the dresses were photographed in one of the theater?s three spacious and luxurious make-up rooms. We changed Kayla?s hair to a wavy and loose half up-half down style and added props like make-up and accessories to complete the scene. The idea for this scene of the photo shoot is the bride preparing to make her entrance?on stage, at her wedding, and in her marriage.

And here is the final product:

Keep checking our Facebook fan page to see all of the new Kleinfeld Kollection ad photos. We will put up an album soon! Until then, what do you think?



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