Must See Roth TV Part 2!

April 3, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Kleinfeld Brides Navigate Minefield of Emotions”

Check out this must see TV brought to you by bridal designer, Henry Roth!

This exclusive video, part 2 of Kleinfeld Brides Revisited, offers brides the inside scoop. Ladies, this is wedding planning at its best. Tears, tissues and laughter!
Henry Roth exclusively visits Kleinfeld and discovers the good, and the “be aware ” of what you can expect with weddings whether you plan on having a hometown wedding or a destination wedding. Real stories, real brides, and real advice right now will be the best seven minutes of wedding planning you have received thus far! From snow storms, to all the family that wanted to be involved, to Type A amazing brides.
From extravegant and large, to small and intimate.. Roth tv can help! Click on for the best advice from brides just like you:
Need to refresh your memory? See Part 1 of Kleinfeld Brides Revisited here:

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