Michelle Roth: 40s Inspired Photoshoot

December 6, 2012 Kleinfeld Unveiled


The recent “Central Park South” Michelle Roth photoshoot took place one week after the hurricane. There was a tremendous sense of camaraderie and pride in the gorgeous shots that were created from this 40s Greta Garbo-Rita Hayworth photo shoot. Michelle Roth has always been about gowns with striking simplicity, sumptuous fabrics, stunning silhouettes and of course the restraint in styling that epitomizes couture confidence.

Michelle Roth is an exclusive designer for Kleinfeld. The next Michelle Roth Trunk Show is scheduled for December 18-23. Click here to make an appointment. Below, check out exclusive behind the scenes images from our iconic shoot. The look will inspire and take you into a 40s romance glamour feel.


Michelle Roth (on the right) checks on hair, accessories, feel and mood of the shoot. The little fluffy fur throw worn by the bride was not going to be worn in the shoot, but was a necessity considering we shot right after the hurricane and there was no heating in the building.


The feel of the Central Park South photoshoot was all about super glamour and 40s retro chic. Here our model and team put on the finishing touches. And the secret to it all? Overall matte mineral powder to give it that even glow. Style: Millie


The overall look and effect is about giving attention to every single detail. A tip for any bride is pamper yourself with special little touches like last minute application of moisturizer and keeping your hair in place with the new generation of hair clips that are gentle and firm. Believe it or not, we are still major fans of old school Nivea cream for that last minute glow.


To really convey the 40s set wave, our stylist used old school rollers to set the hair. The trick is that once the hair is set, a very light brush out keeps the wave authentic. Note the super-matte lipstick. The trick with the color is a mixture of a fire engine red with a dash of pink and eyeliner is chalk not liquid. The necklace featured here is by Ben Amun.


Initially, we tested our look against a natural light frame using the gown McKenzie and our black velvet sofa, however we were not so certain that this had the correct amount of drama we were looking for. It is interesting to see how the organic nature of a shoot can progress as you will see contrasted to the final shot of McKenzie against dramatic black. We felt that we were really able to capture a 40s look and feel which was dramatic, classic and uncluttered. 


Pictured is Opal, capturing movement, softness and romance, a draped sweetheart neckline 50s shaped ballgown cascades to a hem caught with bias cut horsehair.



Noreen is all about confident femininity in organza ruffle strap and dress with drop waist beaded bodice, liquid style.



In Olivia, you see the cut and the shape of this silk, taffeta, drop waist fitted asymmetrically for dramatic skirt sweep. We did not over accessorize, just adding our beaded Abela belt.



Oakley has simmering style and elegance captured in these shots of our sweetheart neckline corseted ballgown with tulle overlay ensconced with filigree work on bodice and skirt. Brides today want to feel like they are in their own red carpet photoshoot.


Deidre is “Oh so old world Hollywood movie star!”, captured in our re-embroidered lace a-line sweetheart neckline. The look is even more dramatic because the hair and make up are striking, the gown is grand entrance and the deliberate lack of over embellishment with accessories shows style confidence.



Neta happens to be just a divine re-embroidered chantilly lace poured over a charmuse underlining that is soft and confident in a fitted bodice shape and gentle flair. Keep it simple, keep it dramatic is the message of Michelle Roth’s shoot.



For brides who don’t necessarily want a ballgown and are going for the very clean and uncluttered feel, Millie is a shaped sheath which equals Michelle Roth magic. The secret here is this dramatic piece of jewelry contrasted with the simplicity of the dress to add the signature drama. Necklace is by Ben Amun.


Chantelle is a silk taffeta gown that drapes in the bodice in an art deco flourish that is all about the play on fabric and texture. We chose an exotic earring by Dori Csengeri as one signature contrasting with the dress in perfection.


When you think of 40s glamour you think of sumptuous satin and our regal, slight a-line sheath, Odelia. This style has a ballgown feel with the ultimate red carpet impact. We finished with an earring by Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection as that stylistic twist that turns up the volume.


Ohara is about layered texturing over tulle which really has our re-embroidered French lace and a touch of Swarovski beading sitting ethereally, languidly and deliciously.


We love lace cut in a retro shape with a modern twist. Here Orchid, our all over Alencon lace gow, is cut with a corset bodice effect that is gorgeous because of the confidence of its simplicity and cut. Worn with jewelry by Ben Amun.


– Henry Roth



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