Martha Stewart: The Wedding Show!

February 9, 2010 Kleinfeld Unveiled

This Thursday, February 11th, the Martha Stewart Show is all about weddings!
Crafter Wendy Baner will show you how to make DIY cocktail rings, a great friend of mine and incredible editorial director, Darcy Miller,
will surprise an audience couple with a destination wedding, and Kleinfeld will put on a fashion show of the latest trends with our Fashion
Director, Randy Fenoli, there to explain the looks! And wait, I saved the best for last! Along with the latest and best from Kleinfeld
Bridal, our fashion show will include the national television debut of Kleinfeld…MEN!

As Kleinfeld Manhattan MEN
gets ready to launch later this month, we want to give you a preview of how Kleinfeld dresses the COUPLE. From classic looks to destination
wedding attire to pretty much any customized request you could possibly dream, tune in to preview just a small sample of what our new
department has to offer! The show airs at 11:00am on NBC Channel 4 in New York. For your local airtime, just
click here.



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