Love is a Piece of Cake

June 29, 2010 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Love is a piece of cake, especially when it’s sweet. You can have anything you want in the shop, something for every taste. You are on top of it. You are a topper! Perfectly suited and fit for each other, you complement each other. Whatever your heart desires whether it is Adam, Steve, or Johnny, Alice, Eve or Maria, anything goes when you get a taste of love. You are on top!

Joshua Bright for the New York Times

When I was last in Paris with Jennette (Director of Marketing & PR) and Dorothy (Director of Merchandising), we saw fit to celebrate our travels with a visit to La Maison Laduree on La Rue Bonaparte. This was my inspiration for the setting, the colors, and the feel of these windows, like a macaroon, fresh, sweet, light and colorful. A perfect wedding in the sun.

What is a wedding without a cake? What is a cake without a topper?

I wanted to introduce traditional and non-traditional ideas side by side playing with different scenarios happening on top of the cake in a very carefree and light way. Indulge in your fantasy wedding whether it be in a gilded, traditional setting or very free spirited journey across country on a wicker motorcycle!



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