Life is Your Red Carpet: A Collection by Henry Roth

April 12, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled


Henry Roth reveals the hottest looks, attitudes, and shapes

On a recent trip back to his home town in Sydney Australia, Henry Roth and his team, including his parents co founders and designers Aneta and Joseph Weinreich. took to the streets of the old garment district in Sydney for their most recent shoot Life is your Red CarpetReflected and inspired in this chic photoshoot are some of 2013's hottest trends. It's not just shapes that cut more dramatically, its also the attitude. Not for a long time has lace been as thick and  luxurious. 

“We went for texture, we went for urban, we went for fresh and young and fun, literally stopping the traffic.  Our gorgeous feminine gowns backdropped against the awesome urbanity of downtown Sydney”, said Henry Roth. Henry's key trend falls into the creative direction of the shoot: its uniqueness is bolder than last year and it's strong!

This collection emphasizes texture, old school traditional lace 50s tea length ballgowns, , fit and flare with a nod to irreverent, incandescent and innovation that are the hallmarks of this collectionAll gowns featured in this shoot are available exclusively at Kleinfeld,  check out the full collection here!

The Team – including Henry Roth and Michelle Roth’s parents, Aneta and Joseph Weinreich.



Henry On Set – Cooling down on a hot late Summer Sydney day.



 Trend-  It's not just vintage that is a hot bed  for bridal gown inspiration. The trend has now evolved. It's what I call "Future Vintage"  because it's vintage worn with a  very  parred down and uncomplicated fashion.

Zoe Too:  "We wanted to place our model literally within a 30 second traffic cycle change because the vista was so dramatic. 5 seconds after the shot, a heavy goods truck almost blew us off to the sidewalk.”



 Trend –  Lace Grows up and Goes BOLD

Endya (with belt additional):  We took a swatch from my parents vaults 2 years ago and Michelle and I created this divine couture lace which is perfect for our brides.



Trend – Bold and Beautiful; Moving away from over accessorization

Deidre (with belt additional): Laser cut satin lace looks divine reinterpreted for 2013/2014.


Trend-  A real focus on how you feel is how you look

Evie: We think that often there are lost opportunities with tea length style gowns as they are sometimes too bland. Evie turns up the volume with texture and beautiful Alencon lace and beading.



 Trend- Gowns that cut close for extra drama

Donna: The new shape of fit and flare is a more graduated textured flare.



 Trend- No such thing as too many frills when it textures like a Picasso

Elenora (Belt Additional)Whatever gown you choose make a bold statement. 



Trend- 2013 goes nostalgic 

ElmaThe beautiful thing about the fit and flare shape is that it carries lustrous embroidery with bravado and confidence.



Trend- Never a pleat looked better; streamlined and a brand new princess

Edwina: The classic box pleat ball gown is back all grown up in Oyster –  footloose and pouffe free. 

Trend –  It's all about dramatic gowns add flawless hair and  underplayed make up.. 
Then, leave it uber stark!

Espirit and Edith: Sculpted, textured fabrics that fall unencumbered.



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– Henry Roth




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