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June 3, 2011 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Did you catch Randy on The View this morning? Kleinfeld's very own Randy Fenoli was on a very special episode of The View called "The View Says I Do" 

Kleinfeld - Randy - The View


Audience View



You can watch the whole episode here in case you missed it. 




Niecy Nash took viewers behind the scenes of her upcoming wedding. Kleinfeld Fashion Director Randy Fenoli answered questions from brides …


“Should my fiancé where a suit or a tuxedo?”


“What should I wear to cover my arms?”


“What dress is appropriate for a more mature bride?”


Kleinfeld Dresses and Suits

Designers (L to R) Peter Langer, Rivini, Kleinfeld MEN, Kleinfeld MEN, Alita Graham, Lazaro




What kind of questions do you have for Randy? 



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