Kleinfeld Holiday Windows 2010

December 17, 2010 Kleinfeld Unveiled

?Tis the season for giving…

Here?s to: Gifts that are forever changing form.

To end 2010 with a splash, we decided to use two bridal gowns by Pnina Tornai from her most recent collection. My goal was to make windows that not only show the sexy lines and contours of her dresses, but also express the brilliant effect those gowns produce. What exudes more brilliance than a faceted diamond? And so, I set out to create a window that seems to exist within an opened diamond. To achieve that goal, I used several odd shapes covered with mirrors on all sides. Everything you see is a mirror: the walls, the ceiling, even the floor. To add to the complexity of the space, I added three pivoting mirror mobiles to reflect the surface in each window. The result is a window setting that is in constant motion, just as a Pnina gown that captures and reflects the light at all angles.

Since I couldn?t find any headpiece big enough to produce the dramatic effect needed to balance the dress, my team and I made some impossible-to-wear-head-gear made from discarded crystal bouquets from a previous season. Unless you are willing to have hot glue attached to your scalp, those head pieces are not recommended for practical use.

The whole story is about giving. In the left window, a bear dressed in a white tuxedo from Kleinfeld MEN custom offers a gift from a mini bear: a closed box (perhaps with a ring inside?). On her finger appears a ring that grows into a very heavy crashing crystal chandelier. The shattered pieces appear all over the space through the reflection. And hence, the love represented by the ring grows larger and eventually bursts until it scatters and multiplies all around them- pieces of their love releasing from them and affecting their surroundings.

In the right window, a dazzling bride offers to a dapper penguin, dressed in black formal tails from Kleinfeld MEN custom, a large pearl transformed into Christmas ball and again into pearl from her endless pearl necklace. The result is a gift of love that exists between them: forever flowing from one to the other and back again, and forever changing throughout the process.

So once again, here?s to: Gifts that are forever changing form. For the holiday, we wanted to achieve a visual display to express that a gift given with passion grows and multiplies in sometimes odd shapes and has unusual effects.
Love: there is no end to it; it keeps on multiplying.

From all of us: Happy Holidays.

*For a live action video of the windows, check our Facebook Page later this week.

Gowns by Pnina Tornai
Men?s attire by Kleinfeld MEN custom
Shoes by Pink



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