Kleinfeld Designer Series: An Interview with Tony Ward

August 19, 2014 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Lebanese fashion designer, Tony Ward has worked with several pretigious couture names such as Dominique Morlotti, Claude Montana for LANVIN, Gianfranco Ferre for DIOR, and Lagerfield for CHLOE, which is why we are truly honored to carry designs as well as an exclusive collection designed just for Kleinfeld. With such tremendous experience in the fashion industry and a keen eye for detail, we know his designs will put you in awe! We are excited to announce that Tony Ward will be having a trunk show from September 12th-14th where you can not only come see his glorious designs, but also come meet the designer himself!

Here is a sneak peak of what you will find at the trunk show along with our exclusive interview with Tony Ward!


It appears that the style names of your exclusive Kleinfeld gowns are astronomically inspired. What was the thought process behind that choice?


“The amazing spectacle of our galaxy is a real delight. It inspired me to create a collection of wedding dresses for a mysterious, ethereal, and magical bride. Pure architectural lines decorate the dresses with fine and sparkling embroidery that recalls rains of stars. These gowns are an invitation to discover the vastness of the universe and explore the richness and mysteries of nature.”




How do the dresses you design for Kleinfeld vary from your non-exclusive collections?


“The thought after dresses in Europe and America right now are very flowy dresses with less volume where Lace has a major presence. I work around all of these factors to create a Collection with original designs that can be adapted to the US Market, Kleinfeld’s clients in particular, who we know are very demanding and have an acute sense of style.”






How would you describe your style as a designer? What do you try to portray through your designs?


“The Tony Ward style is a bit of a mix between timeless Elegance with simple yet sophisticated shapes. I draw my inspiration from contemporary Architecture, which helps me envision sculptural forms, create innovative techniques and play with the boundaries of light and transparency to create elegant and regal, refined silhouettes.”






You are based in Lebanon. Do you find that Lebanese culture influences your creations in any way?


“Middle Eastern women are generally very sophisticated, fashionable and elegant. It’s not surprising they’re often called the most Beautiful women in the world! We are very proud of that. I am constantly challenged to create innovative Designs adapted to the Lebanese market, where women are just fascinating and their sense of fashion an inspiration. Their style is a mix between Orient and Occident, which makes it all the more interesting.”





If you could dress anyone for their wedding, who would it be?


“I really enjoy Royal weddings; I like the exacerbated ceremonial aspect of it, in all of its traditions. I would love to see Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of the princess of Monaco, in one of my wedding gowns.”





Do you have a favorite dress that you have created thus far?


“I have to say I have a secret preference for style number 25 from the Bridal 2015 Collection, “Arôme”. I just find it so simple yet it has so much presence and the fabric is exceptional.”



If you could describe the bride you see wearing your designs in three words, what would they be?


“Feminine, sophisticated, romantic.”



Do you have any hints on what is to come in future Tony Ward gowns exclusive to Kleinfeld?


“I draw my inspiration from contemporary Architecture, which helps me envision sculptural forms, create innovative techniques and play with the boundaries of light and transparency to create elegant and regal, refined silhouettes. You will find a lot of play around volumes in my next exclusive collection for Kleinfeld!”






What usually inspires you when you are designing bridal gowns?


“In my latest bridal collection, 28 dresses account for 28 women who inspired me, brides that I had the chance to counsel, listen to and helped create the most beautiful day of their lives. The fancy and Charming Belladonna, the svelt Violetta… I gathered my inspiration from as many beautiful flower names as these extraordinary women, to create a Collection where romance and sophistication reside side by side to immortalize many magical moments. I usually get inspired from experiences like this or from my readings, cinema or my travels.”

View the full Tony Ward Collection at his upcoming Trunk Show!

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