Kleinfeld Designer Series: An Interview with Sareh Nouri

February 14, 2014 Kleinfeld Unveiled




Sareh Nouri may be the new kid on the block designing stunning gowns for brides, but she is no stranger to the industry and creating impeccable aisle style.  With inspirtation from French laces and Italian silks she tranforms her sketches and fabrics into glittering creations. Sareh weighs in on memorable and unique brides, adding a little extra sparkle and making the bride feel as beautiful possible.








1. As one of the newcomers to the bridal industry, how do you differentiate your collections from the rest to make a statement?


"I think the experience I have had working personally with brides for many years as a bridal stylist fuels my collections and allow me to differentiate myself from other designers. It is understanding the delicate balance of pushing the design creatively but also remaining true to the brides’ likes and dislikes."






2.  How do you maintain signature/traditional pieces and remain on trend at the same time?


"My fabric choices are important to me. I love the French laces and Italian silks that are used in my collection. I think that is what takes my more traditional and signature pieces to the next level; what keeps them on trend. Playing with textural laces and unique patterns, as seen in the Sophie Hallette laces, really elevates the design from that more traditional style. Their beautiful handmade laces really complete each piece."






3. You also create beautiful belts and sashes for your brides. Do you think it is important for brides to accessorize their gowns?


"I think accessorizing the gown adds that little extra flair of personality to the gown that may often be unexpected to the loved ones around you. I also believe that the addition of a crystal belt or sash to the wedding gown can be the easiest form of a quick change between the ceremonies to the reception. It’s always fun to add a little extra sparkle."








4. You have some beautiful colors in your collection. Do you find that color is important to feature? Are more of your brides drawn to color or traditional whites and ivories?


"Color is still very new to the bridal industry. More and more brides I think are becoming aware that color is acceptable to wear on their wedding day. They are becoming more comfortable with the less traditional because it allows them to express their true style. Ivory and white will always be a top seller, but color opens more avenues for designers and in return opens the minds of future brides."








5. Do you have a favorite style in your collection? What is your best seller?


"Our trumpet style gowns sell the most, anything with a fit and flare. It is a good balance in the gown itself. It still shows the female figure but also allows it to be traditional and classic in style. We’ve also seen a lot interest in the illusion and keyhole backs. It is chic without being overly sexy."








6. What do you enjoy most about designing for the bridal industry?


"Hearing a bride say your gown is the one they want on their wedding day, that is the most rewarding part of it. I always love hearing it at trunk shows and being a part of such a personal and emotional moment. Knowing that one of my gowns will be part of their lives and will be in the photographs and memories of their guests, it is amazing. A bride wants to feel as beautiful as she is on her special day, and knowing that my gown was the final decision in that; that she felt the most comfortable in my design, it is priceless."





7.  What is a favorite memory you have from working with a bride?


"Each experience with my brides is memorable and unique. One in particular was a bride that had never tried a wedding gown on and the first dress she put on was “The One”. She cried and didn’t want to try anything else on. I definitely was in tears."






8. Tell us something that your brides may not know about you!


"Something away from bridal – I used to be a gymnast!"







Meet Sareh at her Kleinfeld Trunk Show on February 18th and 20th.


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– Lindsey Groginski



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