Kleinfeld Designer Series: An Interview with Lazaro

January 31, 2014 Kleinfeld Unveiled

JLM Couture bridal designer, Lazaro Perez, has spent the past 20 years creating gorgeous wedding gowns for brides across the country. Through intricate beading and yards of tulle, his aisle creations come to life. As one of the most popular designers in the bridal scene, Lazaro continues to dedicate his creativity and style to brides on that one special day. 







1. In October 2013 you celebrated your 20th anniversary designing in bridal. That is quite the milestone. How have your designs evolved over the past 20 years? 


"Over the years my designs have evolved to become more glamorous and opulent… through developing new beading and embroideries my designs are constantly moving forward."







2. Did your designs evolve with your personal style as well?


"I am always growing and moving forward with trends and I think that is evident in my designs as well."






3. What would you say is a signature piece present in every collection? Is it a particular silhouette, style detail or fabric?


"A signature piece present would most notably be a tulle ball gown which I find to be a very timeless silhouette. Also, my beading has become a signature style detail that has become present in many of my silhouettes."



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4. How do you maintain your signature pieces and remain on trend at the same time?


"In order to remain on trend, I am continually developing new beading and embroidery as well as developing new fabrics and textures."





5. How have you incorporated color throughout your collections over the years? Do you find that color is important to feature in each collection?


"Over the years I have brought in a lot of soft pastel colors through different fabrics. Whether it be through a soft blush color satin or more recently in the use of a vibrant wisteria tulle skirt. I find that brides are more open to wearing color and really embrace the unique and fun qualities that a soft color can offer. I also bring in color through my beading and offer many options in gold and silver."







6. Do you have a favorite style or collection that stands out among the rest?


"There is not one single collection that stands out , but I tend to favor the finale piece of each collection as they are styles that are very personalized and tend to have a level of drama from that seasons inspiration."






7. What do you enjoy most about designing for the bridal industry?


"Designing bridal is such an honor because the wedding gown is such a special garment for a woman.  It is a privilege to work with my brides through this special time in their lives as this dress is worn for such a meaningful occasion."





Meet Lazaro at his trunk show February 14th-16th at Kleinfeld. 


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– Lindsey Groginski



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