Kleinfeld Designer Series: An Interview with Augusta Jones

April 30, 2014 Kleinfeld Unveiled


Ever since its start in 1999, Augusta Jones has strived to provide brides with the best selections of shapes, styling and personalizations. Designers, Charlotte and June Leung, each incorporate their own personal styles to create beautifully detailed gowns to suit every bride.  Featuring intricate lace patterns, delicate beadwork, embroideries and a wide selection of accessories, Augusta Jones designs with every bride in mind to achieve the perfect wedding day look.





Many of your gowns feature lace detailing. What is the process of creating this beautiful lace?


"Around 80% of the collection has some elements of lace. Either full lace or lace trims – corded or uncorked, chantilly and occasionally guipure laces are employed. Our lace comes from well established lace manufacturers who create stunning pieces. We are always inspired when we see the new lace and fabric collections – it is hard not to come up with new ideas of how to use them as there is such lush choice."





You offer brides a bespoke service where your dresses are tailor-made for their need. What type of customization do you do in order to service your brides? 


"We work very closely with very experienced stores who understand our construction and the array of options on offer. It always comes down to how well the store works with a bride with the knowledge they have behind our designs. Brides can opt to have a modified neckline, add sleeves, use a different lace or a different beading from our library of designs."






You also design many belts, veils, and shrug. What is your favorite way to accessorize one of your dresses? 


"It all depends on the bride and what works for her. When we are sent pictures of brides and how they and the stores have worked towards a personally style using all the elements at their disposal, we are often wowed by the result. When we design, it is with a very open mind to allow the brides to pick and choose what works just for them."







What was the inspiration behind your latest collection? 


"We always have a fair number of styles with the retro 50's with regards to clean, precise, tailored cutting. But we also love to splash out and have added a couple of more flamboyant pieces. Inspiration is a funny thing, not so easily pinpointed. We did decide that we wanted a lighter more playful collection when we sat down at the dawning board and this is very much what has happened."





What type of bride do you design for?  


"Like many people in the design field, we design what we like ourselves and just hope that like-minded women find their way to us."




View the full Augusta Jones collection at the May 9th & 10th trunk show.


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