Kleinfeld Bridal Designer, Michelle Roth, Introduces New Gowns!

July 2, 2014 Kleinfeld Unveiled

As I prepare for my next trunk show at the iconic Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City on July 8th and July 10th, I realized that no matter how many times I meet with brides, their friends and families and discuss weddings and wedding fashion, it is still refreshing, energizing and enlightening.

As a designer we have so much contact with our brides, particularly with all the trunk shows we attend at Kleinfeld (with Henry in Australia currently, I am personally at each and every one of our trunk shows) we have even more contact through the internet, email and social media. That human connection has certainly changed the way Henry and I contemplate design. No longer is the bride just a vision, a mere inspiration. She is real. She has a story and brings her history to us. Getting to know our brides is a vital part of how we work … we learn first hand about the brides aspirations and the vision they have for themselves on their wedding day….their secrets and their honesty is touching….. and at the trunk show together we discover the dress they will fall in love with. It all starts with our brides and keeping an open mind.





Kleinfeld real brides in Henry and Michelle Roth designs



Each and every season as Henry and I think about the new collections, we consider what brides have responded to in the past, what we imagine brides will love now at this moment and where we see our own ideas taking shape for future trends. We start with several key ideas, moods and fabrics and work from there. This season the Michelle Roth and Henry Roth collections focus on 5 main trends that we think are significant.


The first and most important is the move towards true SOPHISTICATION. Sophistication is one of those things that isn’t easy to put your finger on since it might be subjective from one person to another. It isn’t necessarily perfection, but more of an achievable goal, a knowing of one’s style in a polished, thoughtful way. Helping our brides achieve their version of sophistication is always top of mind and we think you’ll agree, lives in every dress through the fabrics, colors, details, embellishments, silhouettes and design.







The NECKLINE is another major focus for us this season. We’ve gone through many seasons  of  strapless dresses but in this moment we see brides really responding to elegant, alternative necklines.  V-neck fronts and low backs are extremely flattering and sexy, and our brides are loving them. Henry’s Tina gown and my Rhoda dress highlight the décolletage and a beautiful, sleek back. Romantic and very feminine, they mix a classic silhouette with a new, modern neckline.








As much as you need the perfect silhouette and neckline in a wedding dress, you also need to consider the DETAILS. Henry and I spend loads of time designing our beading, embroideries, waist treatments and special finishing touches on the gowns. Do you like lots of sparkle like Henry’s Talullah gown with its trompe l’oeil touch of diamonds floating on the neckline or do you prefer quiet lace details like a delicate re-embroidered lace like my Rowena dress? These elements are so important, and often times it’s just the bride that knows it’s there, but sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.






One of our favorite looks right now is the play on fabrics through TRANSLUSCENT LAYERING, which simply means, a layering of light, sheer and semi-sheer fabrics over one another. This technique really gives dresses a unique, elegant look. Pale, iridescent paillettes shimmer softly under the top layer of lace on the my Star gown. When a bride moves in this dress, it has an incredible luminescent quality that doesn’t hit you like a disco ball. It has a chic sophistication to it. Henry’s minimal gazar ball gown called Sandra has a surprising underlayer of point d’esprit, which are tiny little polka dots that peek through now and again. It’s another subtle surprise design detail that doesn’t shout loudly, it remains slightly hidden and is cheeky specially because the bride knows it’s there and others have to discover it!!






Henry and I always believe no matter which way the fashion-wind is blowing that FEMININITY is one of the most important aspects of a wedding gown and while everyone is different this is the thread that carries through our collections year after year. The Michelle Roth and Henry Roth collections are full of the most delicate laces, airy tulles and weightless organzas cut in soft ivories, pale champagnes and peachy, creamy blush tones like Henry’s dreamy Isabella V2 tulle ball gown with a skirt in the most delicious shade of champagne. Classic, yet modern silhouettes and pretty fluttering skirts like Henry’s Siohbahn V2 speak to the feminine spirit in every bride-to-be.



Isabella V2

Siohbahn V2

I am looking forward to meeting my brides and talking about these beautiful, classic contemporary dresses at the Michelle Roth and Henry Roth Trunk Show on July 8th and July 10th. My hope is that as you try on the variety of designs suitable for your wedding day that they will capture, enchant and ignite your imaginations!!!



Make an appointment now to try on these brand new styles!



xo Michelle Roth





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