Journey of the Made to Measure Windows

March 18, 2010 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Creating the Kleinfeld window displays is a process that involves multiple members of the Kleinfeld team from multiple departments. For my first blog, I thought I would take you on the journey of the process…

With our recently completed menswear department, the time had come to pay greater attention to our groom. After talking extensively with Mara, we decided to use the upcoming window displays to reflect Kleinfeld’s new outlook: the couple. Although I have shown menswear in past window displays, it has never taken center stage. Just as the multiple bridal gowns that we showcase in the store are fitted to each specific bride, so is our menswear customized and perfectly tailored to each groom’s individual measurements. So the theme of our windows was born: Made to Measure for the Kleinfeld couple?both separately in their attire and together in their love.

Well, first thing that comes to mind when you think about made to measure is of course, a measuring tape. Since it is normally quite small, let’s make it a little bit more visible. Actually, let’s make it big enough so it surrounds the entire frame of the windows. Now there is no mistake about what the theme is. To be more forceful, I thought that it was important to show a tuxedo alone and a dress alone in its own merit. I also wanted the man to have a very strong stance so we purchased a new set of Shlappi mannequins. The man seems assured and stands his own ground. He’s here to stay, make no mistake about it.

The female mannequin is long and sinuous and seems perfect to display a beautiful Lanvin dress fresh from Paris that Dorothy had just showed me. As is, that wasn’t enough?there are shoes to match, also by Lanvin. After I got the dress, I went to Nicole, our Headpiece & Accessories Director. She showed me a narrowed down selection of headpieces and jewelry to compliment this gorgeous dress. Nicole is a pro! Ten minutes later, I had in my hand the perfect headpiece by Guy Carsone and this totally original necklace by Homa Creations, which matched the paper flower background perfectly. When things go that way, you know you’re on a roll.

In the male window, I had established in November that I wanted a four button, double-breasted short tuxedo with side vents. Luckily with a department specializing in custom attire, I can make such specific requests and actually get exactly what I want. A modern tuxedo needs a pair of strong cuff links and luckily we have a great selection from Thomas Knoell to choose from. This guy is not shy; he will share the stage with the bride on equal footing. Now, give him a bowler hat and he’s from London, she’s from Paris?nothing wrong with a little tension.

To build on that, we created a love story between their pets. We made black and white paper dogs, a Westie and a Scottie, pulling and pushing away from their leashes, made of course of measuring tape. Keep the tension, keep it edgy.

Then, there’s the bow tie. What came first – the bow tie or the matching pattern on the wall? To tell the truth, the wall came first. I had found this pattern in one of our thousands of magazines that I do research in, which reminded me of building blocks and the nature of building a made to measure suit. I showed my chosen wall pattern to Frank Jedda, our Director of Kleinfeld MEN, and asked him to find a bow tie to match the black tuxedo, the wall pattern, and the color pattern. When you talk to Frank about pattern cut and color, he goes on a hunt. Soon, I left the men’s department with the perfect bow tie, and bonus?a black and purple scarf.


Finally, I wanted to write captions on the glass to bridge the windows together?something simple and catchy. When I have such a request, I talk to a few people, but always end up with the same person, Samantha, in our Marketing & Public Relations department. And there it is. His window reads: “MADE FOR YOU. MADE FOR HER. MADE TO MEASURE.” Her window reads: “MADE FOR YOU. MADE FOR HIM. MADE TO MEASURE.”

Designing a window is a lot like designing a wedding. You start with a good idea, talk to a lot of people, and then go to town. So to those stressed out couples in the midst of the planning process: Relax. Stick to your original idea. And be sure to accept help from those willing. In the end, it will all come together.



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