I’m THRILLED to announce our new blog “Behind The Seams”!

March 10, 2009 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Having the opportunity to work at Kleinfeld with literally thousands of brides, I feel like I have a wealth of topics to share with you!

Each week at Kleinfeld we have trunk shows from different bridal gown, headpiece, and eveningwear designers. At trunk shows, the designers premiere their lastest collections, and brides get the chance to work with the entire collection, and sometimes even meet the designer of their dress in person!

As Fashion Director, I also attend the bridal fashion shows getting the first glimpse at the newest bridal fashions and trends as they come down the runway. I will interview the designers and get the inside scoop. Ask them the questions you most want to know. Where do they get their inspiration? Who do they design for? What’s their muse?

I will also interview real brides that come into our salon and talk about their weddings and their stories.

“Behind The Seams” will be a place where you, the real bride, can tune in to what goes on at Kleinfeld and get a sneak peek at the latest + hottest collections and trends as they are happening with real brides…in real time. We can discuss topics that you choose to write me about, and answer any questions you may have. I can answer questions about fabrics, laces, gowns, veils, headpieces, and accessories. I can answer questions you may have, such as which silhouette is best for your body type, what fabrics work for what season, which gown will work best for your venue…literally ANY and ALL things bridal.

So please feel free to tune in, and chime in each week as I invite you “BEHIND THE SEAMS”



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