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May 23, 2012 Kleinfeld Unveiled


Michelle Roth and Henry Roth's Top Ten!

Trends, Secret Style Tips plus Dos and Don’ts for each trend.  The latest collection is available now at Kleinfeld click here to make an appointment to view the collection  

1.      Texture Asymmetrical Shapes Gain Greater Confident Signature

2012-2013 sees even grander statements in gorgeous textured fabrics that play against a bride’s figure and silhouette.  Fabric that falls anything but evenly on the figure is in.  Lush, light gowns are sculpted, creative and mainly, bling free.   


Henry Roth Esmerelda has an asymmetrical taffeta bodice and cascading skirt, Michelle Roth Ohara uses lace artistically sculpting a textured silhouette. 


The secret tips:  DO keep accessories to a stark minimum.  DON’T choose a gown that overwhelms your body type. 



2.     Colour you love

As recently as last weekend the New York Times had a spotlight on wedding gowns gaining confidence with colour.  Look out for exciting moves that take us to new territory.  Joining Diamond  White, Candlelight and Ivory are Champagne and Blush.  Odelia in champagne satin came out onto the runway with striking confidence, Ophelia in blush velvet takes advantage on the play of colour, femininity and sexy fabrication. 



The Secret Tips:  DO be adventurous:  Your Day, Your Way.  DON’T choose an adventurous colour because it seems like the right thing to do from a trend and fashion driven perspective, but do it because you love it.



3.      Vintage lace

New improved va va voom formula!  Brides are having the best time ever with the fantasies of old school vintage lace. It will give you the feeling of stepping into your mother’s or grandmother’s closet yet with all the modern day conveniences of fabulous silhouettes and cutting edge shapes.  Amanda is vintage lace expressed in a contemporary 50s ballgown, Abigail is brushed cotton and silver embroidered cotton vintage lace which has all the feel of old school with modern romance.  




4.      50s Floaty Ballgown, Shape of the Future

Brides continue to really embrace the waist.  This is the perfect shape for pear, fuller hips and brides seeking a striking proportionate silhouette with fuller figure sizes.  No other gown quite personifies striking effortless 50s ballgowns other than our Michelle Roth Opal.  Hand in hand sculpted, strapless sweetheart necklines and lowered back has exactly the impact you would expect, effortless. 




Secret Tips.  DOS be sure to try on this shape even if the petticoats might seem full, you might be surprised you can carry the shape. DON’T  try to overwork the look, necklaces especially, will distract from the main signature.



5.      Gown styling gains a whole new respect

With the feeling that gowns are making gorgeous statements of their own, not only is the trend moving away from too much bling but is also moving towards a far cleaner, starker approach. We see brides choosing very clean necklines and moving away from beaded cuffs. In their place one signature piece could be a gorgeous earring or a striking Swarovski textured beret for the hair.  Here we styled Annette with lots of oxygen and the touch of a sparkle in her earring, letring the movement, texture and silhouette take over. 




Secret Tip:   DO know when to stop, as a bride you have to stop earlier than you thought you would have.  DON’T like the less embellished trend?  Then add little touches that make you feel the love, its only about how you feel in your gown.





6.      New generation fabrications keep it light, glowing and gorgeous

As a kid I can remember how heavy satin was unrelenting, hot and often too thick for the pleating and draping we can achieve today.  Many new generation fabrications including our matte sheen satin is right on trend with gowns that captivate with points of difference and interest.  Our Alexi fitted ballgown in matte sheen satin drapes and glows. 



Secret Tips:  DO be adventurous, you may think you don’t want to try on a fabric because you’ve never liked it but a new generation of fabric might change your mind.  DON’T get caught up in fabrics whether new or old generation.  Often we have  a predisposition to the feel of certain fabrics and this will never change. 



7.      Striking silhouettes take strategy

Because the aisleway is very influenced by the texture and the subtle points of difference, creativity and sculpting on the gown, the end result needs to create a striking silhouette.  Our Oakley ballgown features textures of taffeta and silk tulle intercut but the symmetrical cut of slightly drop waist bodice that creates drama only a well cut silhouette can.  Alexi shows fitted sumptuousness in striking matte sheen satin. 



Secret Tips:  DO enjoy the fact that grand entrance gowns are here.  DON’T go in with an approach that is costume-y, it still needs to feel like you are wearing the gown, not the opposite. 



8.      Necklines continue to flatter

We are not saying that strapless is still not the shape that commands many styles however the options for necklines since Kate Middleton, are without a doubt inspiring, they can add different dimensions to the look of the gown.  We have sheer boat necklines, as shown in Anthea and in stretch English net as shown in Olga gown by Michelle Roth. 




Secret Tips:  DO go there:  With some exciting new shapes, boat necklines, plunging Vs, cap sleeves, and Princess Anne necklines that are worth trying on.  DON’T go there:  If it’s going to feel scratchy and you feel encumbered and somehow not quite there with it then it’s not your gown or your neckline.



9.  Signature embellishments as a focus


Bold signature embellishments on otherwise simple gowns are now huge news for brides in 2012 and 2013.  Check the close up of the gorgeous Michelle Roth Opal dress which is in stark contrast to the clean silk organza gown.  Also notice this cascading self fabricated embellishment on Olivia with textured flower detail, this creates a signature embellishment of contrast and drama.


Opal Roth-olivia



10.     Its all about your personality

Pictured here is our Real Henry Roth bride, Sara Bentson wearing the gown she was married in (Henry Roth Style Nicole) in August 2011.  Sara was our guest on the runway. A trend that is never going to go away is being yourself, expressing it and sharing the warmth of your day with your family and friends.




Comment on your favorite gown or trend!



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