Groom’s Week Day 3: Attention Brides!

April 14, 2010 Kleinfeld Unveiled

It is “Groom’s Week” on the blog, so why am I talking bridal? Because brides, YOU are the very reason for our men’s department! We have received an overwhelming amount of questions about our legendary bridal salon’s men’s venture, so I decided to use this blog as an opportunity to answer 3 of the top questions asked and to discuss why Kleinfeld MEN is just yet another way we are continuing to service YOU, our one-of-a-kind, beautiful, brides…

Q. Ever since Kleinfeld opened in 1941, it has always been about the bride, about the women, why did you decide to get into menswear?

A. Actually, it was because of our brides that we took this leap! Ever since we bought the company back in 1999, brides have been coming to us asking what their grooms should wear for the wedding. In most recent years, that request has actually more than doubled and I think it is just the nature of weddings now that more and more focus is being put on the couple, For years, we have been servicing the grooms, but just not in our house, Ronnie has been referring brides to a wonderful tailor known for producing famous suits for the likes of the Kennedys, Clintons, and other political figures, so when we closed our Eveningwear Department, earlier this year, we said to ourselves, ?okay, now we have the space, we have an incredible manufacturer, and we’ve always had the brides’ demand, what are we waiting for?’ Finally, there would be a place that treats the groom with the same attention to detail and special treatment that our brides get?he is 50% of the wedding after all! Honestly, it just made too much sense not to.

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Q. How does Kleinfeld’s bridal roots lend an edge for the menswear department?

A. We are in the very unique position of already knowing, and having access to, exactly what the bride is wearing…not that he’ll ever drag it out of us! Because of that, we can guide the groom towards colors, fabrics, and altogether looks that will compliment his bride in a way that no other designer or retailer could ever replicate, and certainly not a rental company! As many of you have learned, your gown may not be exactly “white white”, there is a whole spectrum of shades and your gown may be ivory, your best friend’s may be diamond white, and your mother’s may have been pearl! What a difference it makes on enhancing the couple’s presentation, simply by ensuring that his suit is the correct shade of grey to perfectly compliment the “white” of her dress. And for the couple that REALLY aims to coordinate, we can even order extra fabric from the bride’s wedding gown to be turned into accessories, such as a tie, for the groom.

Q. For all the “Say YES to the Dress” Fans: Will the show include the Kleinfeld MEN?

A. The simple answer to that is I don’t know?yet. I can say that the crew has certainly shot footage in the new department and followed some of our “Kleinfeld couples” through the whole process of dressing the bride AND the groom, but at the end of the day, will it make it to air or end up on the cutting room floor? You’ll just have to stay tuned…



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