GREEN is the New White

August 5, 2009 Kleinfeld Unveiled

“GO GREEN!” ? From automotives to produce, it seems every industry is doing their part to offer environmentally
friendly options, and bridal is no exception. Designer, Adele Wechsler, has launched her ECO COUTURE Collection
“for the bride who cares about the world in which she lives.” Last Wednesday, Adele trained our whole Kleinfeld staff in
how the going green phenomenon is being incorporated into the modern wedding. As we all settled into the main
showroom, Adele began by explaining her inspiration for her collection- to give brides the opportunity to be a part of
such a large movement, even in small ways.

As Adele spoke of her dresses, the beautiful Jana Naylor modeled the designs, showcasing the unique features as
Adele touched on each. From organic fabrics, such as hemp and bamboo, and vegetable dyes to the hand beading
crafted in Africa- Adele?s attention to detail can be seen in every aspect of her collection. Perhaps the
greatest evidence of her dedication- for each gown purchased by Adele Wechsler, a new tree is planted in the bride’s name!

Looks like our Kleinfeld staff weren’t the only ones getting informed on green bridal gowns- as always, TLC caught
every bit of the action!

Adele spent the rest of the day at the store educating our brides and dressing them for their big days.



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