First Impressions Count: A Well-Addressed Wedding Envelope

May 13, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled



Ahhh, the distinctive look and feel of wedding invitations. You know them from the beautifully addressed envelopes—a custom stamp, heavy, thick paper, smooth liners, and a crisply printed address.


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These things let you know that something special awaits. Guests should notice your wedding invitation in their stack of mail right away so that it’s the first piece they open!






Etiquette For Addressing

The envelope is the very first first impression guests get of your wedding day. Always choose exquisite quality paper, (we use exclusively premium, heavy weight paper at Kleinfeld Paper), and a beautiful font for printing or professional calligraphy. 





Follow these etiquette guidelines for a well-addressed envelope:

1. Married couples – names go on the same line.



2. Unmarried couples – names go on two separate lines, with the woman’s name first, or in alphabetical order if the couple is a same-sex couple.


3. Families – include “and family” after the couple’s names.



4.    Guests – Find out the name of your guest’s date and use the name.

5.   Use full spellings, including streets, states, titles and middle names when using them.

6.   Use numerals for street and apartment numbers, but write out Apartment on a separate line above the street address.

7.   Mr., Ms., and Mrs. are abbreviated. Choose Ms. Over Miss.

         8. Spell out titles such for doctors, clergy, military, and government officials

         9.    Use title and service designations for active duty military officers, male and female, as follows:


o   Senior officer titles such as Captain or Commander go in front of the name

o   Junior officer titles and branch of service go on a separate line after the name

o   Non-commissioned officers use only their service designation (Army, Navy, etc.)







Kleinfeld Paper can print your return address on the back flap of your envelopes. It does not have to be the same as the address used on your response cards.







Heart of Gold by Vita Mechachonis




Lace Applique by Linda Facci





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