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June 18, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled


Henry and Michelle Roth have put together their top 5 aisle style trends for the upcoming year and their brand new collection is anything but ordinary. With dramatic necklines, bold lace and unique detailing, the 2014 bride is sure to make a statement. 



1.    Neckline and Backline Va-voom.

Initially the neckline trend was beautiful and a breath of fresh air.  Anything but strapless gained immediate applause as brides realized that trends are shying away from the ordinary strapless style. Necklines for 2014 are dramatic, contoured and flirting with sexy. No one is going to forget September, with its swathed draped boat neckline and plunging backline, it is sure to satiate the bride’s celebration of neckline nirvana.  

Which aisle style wins? The truth is that strapless is a harder neckline to wear. With the abundant choices of different necklines coming into full force in 2014, every bride can find the right neckline that is flattering for her body type.


September by Henry Roth

Roberta by Michelle Roth


2.    The Bold and the Beautiful

Bold lace and unique detailing makes a dominant stand for future vintage sophistication. The trend for 2014 is the defiant, confident play of lace in shapes that are anything but demure. There seems to be no way of stopping the lace trend, as the illusion necklines and sleeves have broken the strapless barrier. See Michelle Roth styles Ruby and Rosalind.

Which aisle style wins?  If your style is for a stark, clean, architectural feel then the lace trend is not necessarily something that will fit into that category. Cleaner looks come in satin, organza, gazar and chiffon for the bride wishes for that simple, sleek look.

Rosalind by Michelle Roth

Ruby by Michelle Roth

3. Texture is the New Bling

2014 bridal design just got much more sophisticated and clever. Finally, not only has fashion taken a step forward, but the bride of tomorrow doesn’t need bling to sparkle.  Bias cut pin-tucking, draping, piping and self-fabric on fabric, have opened the door to creating unique fabrications from the creative use of texture.  Exceptional looks in this genre are Ryan and Raya.

Which aisle style wins?  Interestingly enough when detailing hits the right proportion suited to your figure, it can be extremely flattering.  The truth is, you won’t know until you try the gown on and it will really depend on your body type.  Because there are so many options, don’t worry, you will find the right shape to fit your body type! 


Ryan by Michelle Roth

Raya by Michelle Roth


4. Accessorize Sparingly for Contrast and Confidence 

It’s very hard to tell a bride who has waited all her life to have an unfettered celebration of her biggest dreams that she should keep it plain and simple. If you choose one significant signature piece of jewelry, trust me the impact will be grand. Contrast is key. Brides are embracing striking, gorgeous gowns to pair with only one signature piece that really is the oil on the fire. 

Which aisle style wins?  This is a gorgeous trend because the use of bling looks like encrusted jewelry against the sleek and simple gown.  There aren’t too many brides who are going to go away unhappy. 


Reina by Michelle Roth


5. Flamboyance

The beautiful thing about this trend is it all hinges on the critical ability of the bride choosing this look not just because it is a trend, but because she has always pictured her wedding gown this way. The truly flamboyant bride doesn’t need or want a license.  Here we see Serena with a far more architecturally accented organza skirt that flounces with a fullness of controlled frivolity. 

Which aisle style wins?  Being flamboyant doesn’t necessarily mean heavy and hot. There is a grand signature and statement to this look. We know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but as we say in Australia you never know unless you give it a go! 


Serena and Siobhan by Henry Roth


Stacia by Henry Roth



The Henry and Michelle Roth 2014 bridal collection is now available exclusively at Kleinfeld Bridal. 
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– Henry Roth




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