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September 17, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Our fall windows are finally unveiled! "Fall in Love" this season with rich emerald and autumn hues and lots of bows! We sat down with Kleinfeld Creative Director, Jacques Vigneault, to learn the story behind his latest visual masterpiece. 




Is there a particular theme used in these windows? Was it something that sparked your vision? 


"As the seasons so clearly change from summer to fall, I was particularly intrigued with the concept of transformation and the transition into something new. I really played with motion and gravity at work, the literal sense of the term "falling". In bridal, falling in love and finding the perfect white dress is just the beginning of a bigger life transition into marriage."



What is the story behind this window?


"The windows tell the stories of two brides who have started a transformation into becoming a wife. The first bride is getting dressed for her big day in her enormous walk in closet. She is in a whirlwind of falling accessories."



"The second bride, also in her closet, is seeking the help of a psychiatrist to deal with the huge transition in her near future. As the doctor (who happens to live in her drawer) gives her advice, a chaotic room is decorated with more falling objects, as shoes are scattered across the floor, and glittering belts and jewels hang from the drawers. Lets face it, some people just don't like change."


Gown by Vivienne Westwood



Was there any particular bridal designers or design elements that inspired the windows? 


"We recently announced that we will be carrying designers Viktor & Rolf and Vivienne Westwood, available to brides in late November. I immediately knew that I wanted to feature their gowns in the fall windows. Viktor & Rolf's latest collection features lots of bows, so I really enjoyed incorporating that particular style detail into my vision." 



Gowns and shoes by Viktor & Rolf



How did you develop the color scheme?


"I wanted to start with a shade of emerald as the strongest color featured. As far as the complimenting colors, again I focused on the colors of the fall season. Autumn leaves of orange, yellow and brown hues brighten up the opened drawers of overflowing accessories."



Jewelry by Ti Adoro


A special thanks to all the designers featured in our windows!


Purses by Jimmy Choo


Belts by Blossom Veils


Shoes by Benjamin Adams


Jewelry by Cheryl King Couture


– Lindsey Groginski



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