Essential Bridal Trends From Designer, Michelle Roth!

July 26, 2013 Kleinfeld Unveiled




The Top 5 Essential Bridal Trends of 2014

Celebrated NYC designer, Michelle Roth, gives the scoop on sizzling new wedding dress trends, tips and most importantly, how to get the look. Plus, how are we still learning from Kate Middleton's royal wedding dress? Read on.

Overall, it’s all about pure, understated chic with one signature accessory or attitude that punctuates the feeling. In many cases, it’s a much more studied and time consuming process to gain the end result. To be very honest it's somewhat easier to keep adding than to stop and think for a while on the overall effect you want to achieve.

At the time of your hair and makeup trial, take with you (in your smart phone or tear sheets) the look that you want to achieve for hair. It really is all about a nonchalant tousled wave. A very light use of hair extensions when you want added volume goes a long way– it’s not supposed to be obvious, but it gives a lot of fullness that many brides are looking for.

If you are going for an updo, again it's nonchalant. Going to a Hellenic kind of plait or braid can make that gorgeous connection between classic with a modern twist.

As far as accessories go, you can afford to be really avant garde. Shop at vintage stores. Google and discover exciting new designers. Millinery, jewelry and shoes are every bride’s confection.

The entire look is thought about and lovingly put together stitch by stitch.

The most important thing is this is the time to shine as your own person and be who you are. If you have glasses, wear them. If you’ve got an heirloom antique birdcage veil with a few gold accents, then shine in it. Remember one thing: a gown is just fabric, it’s you and how you feel in your gown that will make you shine.


It’s interesting because this trend is not what people immediately think. It’s how fabric forms on your figure and what you don’t see which is sexy.


I adore this trend because it’s all about the seam work and fabrication that create texture and almost three dimensional construction. This truly takes the wedding gown into high fashion Hollywood red carpet glamour, and in the overall trend of striking simplicity this takes our bride into the next level of sophistication.


It truly was not that long ago that brides generally wanted strapless only. If a bride wanted to vary from that look and expressed the desire for a neckline, then the classic old spaghetti strap would be introduced and uncreatively put on the bride’s gown. Often a bride was almost talked into that being all that was needed to create a “neckline”.

From the time of Kate Middleton’s gown (and probably a groundswell before that), brides elected passionately to wear creative necklines. Boat, scoop, princess to halter, I love designing to all the various neckline shapes. This is a nod from the high fashion runways of Milan and New York, and as a designer, there is nothing I love more than designing a neckline. But strapless is still here, so brides get to have their cake and eat it too.


I just adore the effect of vintage lace all over, luxuriant and liquid used on my wedding gown collection. The wonderful thing is that lace, which almost had the ‘stand back from this fabric’ reaction from many brides, quite recently is now embraced not just because it really is a gorgeous fabric to wear, feel and be photographed in but because there is a play on vintage fabric and cutting edge shapes. You’ll notice with my collection that we bead, tuck and drape our lace. One of our favorite new techniques is rolled satin edging sewn vertically down the gown. Be warned that lace from Italy and France tends to have a longer lead time, so don’t be surprised if there is a longer wait for the all over lace gowns.


Probably in the 70s and 80s the ball gown was associated with poufy, shiny polyester and big skirt volume. Today, our ball gowns are beautifully contoured. I love the 21st century princess who embraces our ball gowns and insists on no petticoats underneath.

– Michelle Roth

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