September 10, 2009 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Our 4th Season of “Say YES to the Dress” airs Friday, September 11th at a new time! Have you missed us? We?re BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!

I’m so excited for all of you to see what we’ve been up to at Kleinfeld!
Since you last saw us, we?ve been very busy here at the salon, and TLC has not missed a minute of it!
I predict this season is going to be the most exciting yet! I say “I predict”, because even we at Kleinfeld don’t get to see the show until it airs, so I’m going to be planted on my sofa with my remote in hand with you watching the drama unfold.

All the familiar faces are back, along with the newest addition to our bridal consultant staff.

As always, our quirky brides and their eccentric entourages never fail to surprise us with outrageous antics, impossible demands, last minute freak outs, and touching stories. Oh the DRAMA!

But, for better or worse, it?s our job to make the brides happy and beautiful on their wedding day. This is a job I wouldn?t trade for the world. No I?m not a brain surgeon, but I do feel like I make a difference in a person?s life when I make a bride look and feel the most beautiful she has EVER looked!

Now for all of you super-junkies of the show and our HUGE Canadian fans, TLC is running a marathon of last season’s tears and cheers during the day. This all leads up to the premiere of Season 4, which kicks off with 2 new episodes back to back at 9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, so check your local listings and set your TIVOs!

To get the details of the first 2 episodes, check out our Facebook Fan Page.

Now remember, the show starts at a new time slot, so walk the dog early, turn the cellphones off, watch, and ENJOY!

I?m anxious to hear back from all of you about the show, so remember to come back here and leave your comments.



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