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June 12, 2010 Kleinfeld Unveiled

An easy way to make your wedding dress custom and one of a kind is to add a belt, since there are endless options for size, color, dimension and sparkle. Wearing a belt can drastically change the look of a simple dress or make an elaborate dress a little more special. It will also accentuate your body, adding a defined waistline if the dress doesn’t have one.

Take a look at a few before and after photos…

Pictured is a Monique Lhuillier Chantilly dress.
The first belt option is a ribbon headband designed by Maria Elena. This belt adds
“bling” and sophistication to the dress. The second is an ivory Monique Lhuillier sash, with a side accent of a
Chantilly lace flower broach by Kenia Brea. This look is a much softer and more romantic option compared to the first belt style.

Pictured above is a two-piece Monique Lhuillier dress with a band on the skirt. I added a simple trim band from Erin Cole as one belt option. The second belt option is a Monique Lhuillier teal sash with a large Thomas Knoell broach in the center. I love colored sashes! These satin sashes are so versatile ? they come in many colors and can be worn many different ways (even after the wedding!).

Here is a simple satin mermaid style dress from Henry Roth. I added a Kenia Brea three-dimensional floral and beaded belt
at the natural waist. The second option shown is a Kisses NY beaded organza band with a side flower used to create an empire waist.

As you can see from the photos, I took three different dresses and gave each dress two different personalities just by adding different belts. Pick a belt that defines you and makes your dress special. Also, see where the belt fits you the best to accentuate your body. If you love the way your dress looks with and without a belt, just add the belt for the reception. It?s much more inexpensive than buying a second dress!

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