Blow Out Sale Survival Guide

April 23, 2009 Kleinfeld Unveiled

Unlike what images you may have seen on TV from other stores sales, the Kleinfeld blow out sales are actually quite organized and orderly.

Brides line up hours in advance and get a number that puts them in the queue. When your number is called you meet with a consultant who walks you through the racks of dresses which are separated by price. Most of the samples are sample size 10, a selection of plus size gowns are featured on another rack. After choosing 3 dresses to try on, the consultant takes you to her room for you to start trying on your picks. If you do not find a gown that you love in the initial pull, you may browse through the dresses again and select another 3 and continue the process until you find a gown or exhaust all the possibilities.
Keep in mind that this is not a full service appointment and our regular samples are not out or available to try on.

Here are a few of my tips for navigating our Blow Out Sale:

1. It’s best to have a pretty clear idea of what style you’re looking for before coming in. For example, narrowing your choice of desired silhouette, fabric, or details can really help you focus in on the right gown quickly.

2. Bring in a couple of photos of styles that you like. Our consultants can quickly look at your photos and lead you to similar looks.

3. Be sure to know how much you would like to end up spending on your gown so you can stay within your budget.

4. Bring with you the one person you need to make this important decision. You may become frustrated if you find a gown you love but need your mother with you to see it first. Also don’t bring a group of people, this isn’t the time to entertain your friends.

5. Please wear the proper under garments! Besides the obvious reasons, you also may be sharing your room with another bride.

6. Be ready to make a purchase or you may lose the gown of your dreams.

I hope this helps! I look forward to seeing all of you price-savvy girls this Tuesday!

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