A Super Cute DIY Bridal Shower in New York City

May 10, 2012 Kleinfeld Unveiled


Bridal Showers are a fun and girly affair, one of many events leading up to the wedding that bring the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridal party, sisters, aunts, cousins, family and friends together in the weeks before the wedding. The bridal shower has an age old tradition of showering the bride with gifts, or so says the wikipedia page we referred to for this post. If you're a bride looking for ideas to pass along to your maid of honor, mother or bridesmaids for your bridal shower look no further. We've got a GREAT DIY bridal shower set up for you.

PS – if you're a New Yorker you would be happy to know this party hosted 24 people in less than 700 square feet! 



"The Edible Garden Bridal Shower"




This was the main event, a beautiful dessert table full of delicious sweet treats from Three Tarts, the sweets included Lavender Jewels, Rose & Vanilla Marshmallows, Mojito Marshmallows, Lavender Truffles, Flower Lovelies, Mini Tarts, Petits Fours, French Macarons with Butter Cream, Raspberry Dainty Mini Parfaits, Mini Mascarpone Cheesecakes with fresh flowers PLUS all of the cake stands, napkins, trays and plates are from the amazingly cute Three Tarts pastry boutique on 9th Avenue & 20th Street (so close to Kleinfeld!) right here in New York City. 




A cute textured vase filled with white and purple roses sits on the welcome table with a small tray of petits fours and lavender truffles.




Petits Fours & Mascarpone Cheesecakes with edible flowers



Raspberry Dainties

Rasberry Dainites, Miniature Parfaits of Chocolate Raspberry fruit curd layered with crème fraîche and Fresh Rasberries on top. Three Tarts provided cute little spoons that were just perfect to eat these in small dainty bites.



Lavender Jewels

These little lavender jewels not only looked amazing on the dessert table but had such a great burst of flavor with the Lavender gelée and lemon honey panna cotta. Yum!



tarts - mini

mini tarts

Mini Tarts, Pine Nut with wildflower honey caramel Pecan with Ginger Scented Chocolate, Kumquat frangipane adorned with glazed kumquat slices. 


French Macaroons

Who doesn't love a French Macarons?! We say oui! oui! do!




These mojito marshmellows kept everything fun and playful. 








These flowers were all hand made by taking 20 x 24 bristol art paper and forming a rose shape by tearing sheets and folding them from the inside out, a glue gun comes in handy for this project. The leaves are just tissue paper folded in accordian folds and twisted under the flowers and the lattice pattern on the wall is made with white ribbon! An indoor garden in an NYC apartment, no dirt necessary.




Sassy Sangria

A super cute way to label your drinks using rope, the recipe for this Sassy Sangria included lots and lots of white wine, sparkling Poland Spring Water, St. Germain, freshly cut strawberries, blue berries and grapes and lots and lots of all natural agave sweetener. 




The gift table started filling up with fabulous gifts from Journelle, where the bride registered for the sexy and elegant lingerie. She was definitely a blushing bride when it came time for opening gifts. A cute idea is to save all of the ribbons from the presents to great a bouquet for the wedding rehearsal.




All guests left with mini chinese take out boxes covered in glitter filled with hand-made lavender sachets. You can find loose lavender for the sachets at Lavender By the Bay in the Union Square GreenMarket.



There you have it! Your very own indoor Bridal Shower Garden. 


Special Thanks to

Peter & Marla at Three Tarts


Olivia Malone for the amazing photos. 




Jeylan Yolac



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