4 Dos & Don’ts of Wedding Video Packages

October 24, 2012 Kleinfeld Unveiled

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There are as many options and extras for your wedding video as there are for your photos. To help you pick out the right package for you, here's what to include with your wedding video package — and what to cut.

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Don't Include: A Photomontage

Don't get us wrong — it's always fun to look at baby pictures and honeymoon snapshots. But you don't need a reel of both to start off and end your wedding video. Save the childhood photomontage for your rehearsal dinner.

Do Include: A DVD Menu with Chapters

Many videographers will break up your wedding DVD into chapters — that way you get more of the day's footage, but you can skip around when friends are over to show them just the parts they're interested in seeing (read: the parts they're in), for the best of both worlds.

Don't Include: Raw Footage

Once the filming is finished, some videographers will send you the raw footage (untouched, unedited) to preview before editing begins so you can note scenes that you definitely want to keep or cut, like when your groom's voice cracked while reading his vows to you. If you want to hold on to the raw footage for posterity, your videographer may offer it as part of your package. If it's not included in your package, it's not worth paying the extra fee for the raw footage, which you may never even watch. Instead, opt for two videos: a highlight reel and a longer, traditional hour-long video of the day.

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Do Include: The Ceremony

You'll definitely want footage of the entire ceremony, from the start of the processional to your final exit and especially the important words (and tears or laughs) you share in between. In fact, the ceremony is a good reason to splurge on a second shooter (more on that later). Also, build in time for your videographer to capture the guests arriving before the ceremony — one of those moments you'll miss on your wedding day that will be fun to watch afterward.



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